The Impact Of Insulin And Sugar Level On Weight Problems

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The Impact of Insulin and Sugar Level on Weight Problems

Ohio State University’s medical and nutritional specialists, Steven R.
Hertzler and Yeonsoo Kim, performed an experiment on two the main causes
which contribute to overweight and obesity. In their experiment, the
scientists have used the main causes for statistical and graphical
collection of data for observation of different diets which people use in
hopes of losing weight with little effort and little time. One of the
most popular diets that emphasize this is the Atkins’ diet. Losing
weight through the Atkins diet can be achieved in a short amount of time
without the need for exercise. Patients under the Atkin’s diet needed to
consume foods that are high in fat and protein such as cheeses,
hamburgers, bacon and heavy creams. Diets that require a short amount of
time and effort to lose weight guarantee the reduction of health risks
among the main causes. Even though diets that require a short amount of time and energy
to lose weight guaranteeing the reduction of potential health risk form
the main causes, it is the understanding the positive and negative
aspects of these main causes that would help understand the need for the
proper nutrition intake and exercise that someone would need in order to
achieve a healthy weight loss, which requires an extended period of time
rather than a short amount of time.

        One of the main causes of obesity and overweight is the sugar
level. The sugar level is the amount of sugar concentration within the
bloodstream of the body. Sugar is a substance that is consumed from
food. The sugar from the food is broken down by the body in order to
give energy for the body to function. The energy broken down from the
sugar is used to help the body to carry on with daily functions such as
moving or thinking. Sugar can be found all types of foods consumed such
as sweets, fruits, bread, pasta, and grain. When the food is consumed,
it is broken down into sugar, which circulates through the bloodstream of
the body. The sugar circulation through out the bloodstream adds to the
existing sugar level that is already within the body.

Another main cause of obesity and overweight is insulin. Insulin is a
hormonal substance that is produced and dispersed within the body in
order to regulate the flow of blood sugar by converting the sugar
molecules into energy needed immediately for the body or fat cells, which
are blood cells within the body that have stored sugar. Blood sugar is
the substance that is attained from the consumption of food, which are
found in sweets, bread, and grain. Food usually requires insulin in
order to be used immediately by the body or stored within blood cells
when the body does not consume any food. Unlike sugar, fat cells store
energy reserved for extra energy needed by the body when food is not
consumed. Individuals with excessive fat cells are usually...

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