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The Impact Of Leadership On Formal And Informal Communications Within An Organization

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Formal and Informal communication within leadership very immensely. Formal communication is a top down structured style of leadership, where everything is written down and recorded. Informal communication is more a word of mouth style of leadership, use used by leaders who works directly with their subordinates. Both styles of leadership communication have merit and an important role within an organization.
A Formal leader is at the top of a hierarchy. Communication from formal leaders often seems to take the form of orders that the leader expects employees to follow. With style of leadership, employees are seldom included in the process that leads up to the decision.
“Communication from formal leaders tends to take the form of directives the leader expects employees to follow. Under this style of leadership, employees are seldom included in the process that leads up to the decision. After the decision is made and delivered, employees may have an opportunity ...view middle of the document...

Speeches, meetings, and scheduled conferences are examples of verbal interactions as formal communication. News briefs and executive appearances are also creative ways to enhance business relationships through formal communication (Christina Callaway).
“Informal communication drives widespread adoption of new tools. The widespread adoption of email was fueled by the fact that it made written interpersonal communication easier. Email is cheaper, faster, and just plain easier than a letter, less intrusive than a phone call, less hassle than a FAX. The same faster, cheaper, less-hassle rationale was true of the telephone, just as it is true in the current adoption of text messaging and social networks. Alternatively, communication tools launched primarily for formal communication don't get widely adopted by consumers”(Morgan Stewart).
Informal communication might not be as reliable as formal communication in which more accountability is expected. In an organization setting, communication is connected with official protocols in formal channels of structure and culture which the line of manager/subordinate reporting system is accepted. It is safe to also recognize that informal communication may be vulnerable to being skewed by its casualness. In a formal setting, people take the time to recognize the consequences of giving any wrong or incomplete information. In an informal setting, the quality of communication may be affected by the more relaxed or careless attitude.
In conclusion the impact leaders serve with in formal and informal communication relies on their effectiveness as a leader. Many times it seems that the information trickles down to slowly from the formal avenues. In the same light many times the rumor mill will start running and people can receive the wrong informal information, or at the least slightly skewed. Leaders in an organization need to be able to increase the speed at which the information flows down the chain. Meanwhile try to monitor the informal information that is being leisurely passed around, so that the task may be completed more efficiently.

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