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The Effect Of Limited And Extensive Options On Motivation, Satisfaction And Choice

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DOCPROPERTY Category DOCPROPERTY Category DOCPROPERTY Category SUBJECT KEYWORDSTHE EFFECT OF LIMITED AND EXTENSIVE OPTIONS ON MOTIVATION, SATISFACTION AND CHOICEAndrew PattersonDeakin University- BurwoodHPS121ASSIGNMENT 1800487967Helen Donovan17 September 2008Word Count: 1647AbstractThe matter of choice in recent times has become of increasing importance, with choice a part of our everyday lives, it only seems fitting that it is discovered to what extent ease of choice is effected by the number of choice. To investigate the influence of extensive and limited choice has on motivation and satisfaction, 100 Psychology students rated the extent of their motivation, ease of choice and satisfaction in regards to Nokia Phones. Participants were put into two groups; Extensive and Limited choice. As Hypothesised, participants in the limited choice group experienced higher levels of satisfaction and ease of choice, however in contrary to our hypothesis levels of motivation between the two groups were even. These findings suggest that a limited array of choice is superior to extensive choice in regard to satisfaction and ease of choice. The Effect of Limited and Extensive OptionsOn Motivation, Satisfaction and Choice.Is there such thing as choice overload? Quite often in contemporary society, some of life's more difficult decisions often come down to a trivial aspect, due to the extensive amount of choice provided. For example as Hugh McKay (2008) suggests, when choosing a car, for example a Holden Commodore and a Ford Falcon, often the choice comes down to something quite trivial such as the cup holder (2008, as cited in Multiple Choice, Episode 1, ABC). A large selection of choice can be both a positive and negative.It is very easy to assume, that the more choice and the more options, the more fulfilling and easy ones decisions should be. However, this is not always the case. Previous studies have shown that extensive choice can often lead to a lower level of satisfaction and motivation compared to a limited choice. Sheena Iyengar et al's (2000) study of three common place situations involving choice supported this theory. The three experiments looked at jams, chocolate and essay topics for students. One experiment involved two tasting booths; one booth presented an extensive array of jams (24) with the other presenting a limited choice (6). The aim of the study was to distinguish which group attracted the most customers, based on the consumer's choice. 'As both the number of options and the information about options increases, people tend to consider fewer choices and to process a fraction of the overall information regarding their choices' (Hauser & Wernerfelt, 1990, as cited in Iyengar et al 2000). This shows us how the amount of choice can easily affect some of the most basic decisions, and how people can embrace the idea of choice.In Iyengar et al's previous study (2000), the aim was to determine whether extensive or limited choice created...

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