The Influence Of Manipulation Essay

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Control is the name, and manipulation is the game. As human beings, our very nature is egotistic, prioritizing our own wants and needs before all else. We discover ways to compel others into helping us fulfill our desires. As if life is just a show and we are the puppet master, pulling all the strings to run the show; using everybody we meet as a marionette in order to reach the greatest goal of benefitting ourselves. Manipulation can be used as a tool to influence the thoughts, feelings, and actions of an individual.
It’s as if somebody is whispering in your ear, compelling you to believe in something totally absurd. It’s as if an unknown force is pushing you toward a direction you wouldn’t have even thought of. It’s as if a strange silhouette is leading you down a path you didn’t choose. It’s as if a compass in your innermost being, is directing you toward an undesignated location. It’s as if a gripping force is driving you to the brink of insanity. It’s as if your thoughts aren’t your thoughts, and your actions aren’t your actions… but they are… aren’t they? Unless of course, they aren’t; unless there have been outer forces, planting their ideas, influencing your thoughts, and controlling your actions without your own knowledge. You might not even think this is possible, I, as well, doubted the sincerity of it. I liked to believe that I was in charge of my own mind; I did not believe in manipulation. I did not believe, until my own family had proven me wrong.
I remember it best by a game of Monopoly. My cousin and I were acting as a couple of real tycoons and together, we owned about 80% of the whole board. We were monopolizing every house, building, and railroad on the market. We were indeed a team; however, by the end of the game, it was obvious who had won. I pondered what had just happened… everything was rather equal between my cousin and I throughout the whole game. Except maybe, there was a possibility that it wasn’t. I briefly let my mind rewind through the events that had taken place, and I had discovered how she did it. Slowly but surely, she had convinced me to trust her with my own real estate, selling her my property, until she owned 65% of the board by herself now. I had not realized how much of my property she had persuaded me to sell to her, and most importantly, I did not know it would lead to my fall. It was truly quite clever; allowing the time for me to build trust in her and then without my own knowledge, guiding me to my defeat. I suppose it made sense that she was majoring in psychology. She knew better than anybody, the ropes behind entering other people’s minds to manipulate them.
Manipulation can be studied as a part of psychology. Modern psychology is “supported by psychiatry and neurology, attempts to discover the laws of psychological processes through systematic experimentation and statistical analysis.” (Wechsungen, 1) In psychology, the study of mind control and brainwashing can also be ascribed as thought...

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