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The Impact Of Media On Business

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TDescribe the impact of social media on business and consumer ethics
In the mid-2000s, with the proliferation of social media websites, communication was not the only thing that was modified. The growth of social media has allowed for an increased awareness and an increase in chatter in the digital world. Sites like Facebook, twitter, and other social networking or blogging pages have dramatically altered the relationships between businesses and consumers as numerous new ethical dilemmas have been introduced. Social media has allowed for a large access to information, thus spurring ethical questions where it relates to privacy, media susceptibility, and misleading information.
Social media has provided a popular platform for the general public to gain a majority of their information. Thus, businesses are under constant pressure of public criticism, especially in areas that regard morals or ethics. This heightened risk of exposure has led to a crackdown within businesses, from top to bottom, to not only keep all pertinent data secure, but to keep employees and their action in check. But this leads to the question, how far can businesses go to ensure that their employees are acting ethically and morally within the realm of the company spectrum? Some business have found the need to investigate their employees social media accounts and monitor their activity to ensure that they are following company regulations. But this in itself is an ethical dilemma, should businesses have the right to monitor their employees private social media lives outside of the business? This question is one that is constantly in contention for the sheer nature of the growth of social media. The risk of a mistake by an employee or the organization could go viral in the click of a button. Thus one of the largest ethical impacts on businesses is their determination of to what extremes they can go to ensure their brand image.
Social media has also become a hot spot for business advertisers, but with this new medium for connecting with consumers, comes ethical issues. Advertisers, for centuries, have been testing the boundaries as to what they can use to most effectively increase their ROI. With the emergence of social media, it has allowed for a lot more personal connection between advertiser and their target audience. Advertisers...

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