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The Impact Of Metal Mining Essay

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Ontario produces the largest amount of metal such as nickel, gold, platinum, and cobalt in Canada. Also, Ontario is a significant producer of copper, zinc, and silver. The amount of metal proves that Ontario produces very large amount of metal. For example, in 2005, over four billion dollars of metal was produced in Ontario.
Mining is the industry that makes people to earn profit by extracting solid minerals (e.g. copper, zinc, silver, gold, and coal). The mining started from the prehistoric age. Mining back then had many limitations since advanced technology for efficient mining did not exist and human labour was only power to extract minerals. Mining was very dangerous job, too. By the ...view middle of the document...

First of all, since mining site requires wide land and most of the mining sites are located in forest or mountains, the mining industry damages environment from its beginning. Second, the heavy metals such as mercury can leak unintentionally or even after mines are being closed. For example, according to United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA), gold mines around the world produce 400 metric tonnes of airborne mercury. Through the food chain, the amount of heavy metals only increases since most of organisms accumulates these chemicals in their body. According to United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) research, mercury can cause problems with reproduction, coordination, childhood development, and many more health problems.
This evaluation of the benefits and costs of mining shows that mining has both benefits and risks. It benefits people by providing jobs, better lifestyle, and economic benefits to industries working on altering, smelting, refining, and exporting minerals. Unfortunately, besides many benefits of mining, they harm environment and health. It destroys habitats for animals and plants which lived there before, releasing poisonous chemical wastes, and damaging landscape when mine was closed. Fortunately, there are some solutions to mitigate or prevent its damage. According to EPA, they developed...

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