The Impact Of Modern Literature's Focus On Mystical And Fantasy

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Reading can be vital because it "determines the focus of your mind" (Covington). Is reading bad for a person? Does this mean modern literature is partly responsible for the corruption of society because it determines the way people think? Reading can transport people to different places, times, and state of minds. But what you read will determine it all. Even though modern literature makes great reads, it is changing the views of society because magazines send the wrong messages and modern literature only focuses on mystical and fantasy ideas.
Modern literature makes fascinating reads because readers are able to escape into a fantasy world. Reading exposes the reader into a different mindset (Covington). It allows bookworms to think about what they do not have, what they wish to have, or simply just escape from reality. Sometimes it is nice to sit down after a tiresome day, open up a fantasy book and read about the things that can never happen. The reader knows it will never happen, but it is just relaxing to start dreaming about the mystical. Who has not heard of the book Twilight? The book has traveled globally leaving teenage girls star struck. The book is based upon Bella’s viewpoint, an average teenage girl that is not popular or outstandingly beautiful. The girl is just like every other teenage girl going through the good and bad times of the teenage years. Bella moves away from her comfortable life in Arizona to a new life in Washingon. Bella’s world is turned upside down when the unbelievable becomes her life.,
Bella enters into the peculiar atmosphere of high school and quickly learns that anything is possible. the story makes a dramatic, one hundred and eighty degree spin to a totally different and unexpected approach from the reader’s beginning thoughts. The “new girl” is introduced to a new world when she notices the most inexplicable guy she has ever met. She then becomes engaged in a dangerous, irrevocable game; the fight for one’s life.
The most attractive seventeen year old turns out to have a dark side that the readers were aware of, due to the notes on the back of the book. Stephenie Meyer, the author or Twilight, turned the bizarre, murky book into a captivating love story by using the impossible. The story tells the life of the young Bella and Edward. It tells of their journey and fight to be together even though they are involved in a forbidden love. The story has a hooking story line that captured the hearts of girls and even some guys. The story allows the readers to get away into a game of cat and mouse with the most romantic story line since The Notebook and A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks.
The book is filled with laughs, with suspense pounding in the chest and the awe of the impossible being made possible. The novel has millions of girls and even guys talking about the affection one can feel when reading. The tale has readers mesmerized...

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