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The Impact Of Money On Family Stability

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Pennsylvania State University Philadelphia, 2000 Outline: I. Introduction.The lack of financial resources and the poverty affect children, relationships between partners, and lead to violence.II. Family financial situation and its impact on children.III. Women's bad economic situation causes poverty in female-headed households.IV. Money cause marital conflict and family violence.V. Family poverty in U.S.A.V. Conclusion The Impact of Money on Family Stability "The boat of love crashes on the ruins of the daily routine", an old saying reminds us. No doubt, love is a sublime sentiment that makes humans distinct from other living beings. Nevertheless, a great number of families affected by several "economic" factors fail. The main goal of my research is to find out what impact money and economic interest have on children and family stability. Because "man is an economic being who lives in a money world", as Francis Lomas Feldman argues (Feldman, 1957, p.1), the modern family, in all its shapes and sizes, is put under financial pressure that undermines its stability and usefulness for the society. Problems such as poverty, unemployment, and the lack of resources in general have a great impact on children, on the relationships between the wife and husband, and often lead to violence. Money influences the healthy development of the children. Kids from poor families have more problems than children from other families. These are related to health problems, psychological and educational limitations. According to Susan Mayer, children raised in poverty are more likely to be poor when they grow up. For instance, children from high-income families do better on tests than those from poor families. Poor kids miss school more often. Thus, parental income influences the educational achievement of the children, affecting both the performance in high school and in college. (Meyer, p.57). Poor teenagers are more likely than those from well off families to have a baby, drop out of high school, and get in trouble with the law. Young adults, who were poor kids complete fewer years of education, earn less money than adults raised in affluent families. Less education and fewer skills affect how much money they earn and their children chances for a better future. Recent studies show that a ten percent (10%) increase in the parental income over five or fewer years increases the children's income in early adulthood by approximately two percent (2%). (Mayer, 1997, p. 56). Moreover, among the impoverished families, living in neighborhoods with a high concentration of poverty, child abuse and neglect are common. (Pelton, 1991, p.7) Young children are the poorest age group in the U.S. In 1991 only, 12.1 percent of people of age 65 and over were officially considered poor, compared with 21.1 percent of children under the age of 18. From 1970 to 1990, child poverty rates increased from 14.9 percent to 19.9 percent, being...

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