The Impact Of Music: Now And Yesterday

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Music plays such a powerful role in society. It’s safe to say that music and society have always been intertwined as music reflects on events and emotions occur in the composers life. It is evident that music has changed believe, I believe that in pop culture it has chanced for the worse. This is sad because the vast majority of today’s youth are exposed to the crude and redundant messages written with in the catchy tunes.
I’m not accusing ever genre or even every song writer for the inappropriate music that is being realest into the media, but it seems that nowadays that’s what’s topping the charts. Moreover, children are creating what is called a “Fandom” defending these explicit lines, not even knowing the real meanings. When interviewing my parents I realized that our generation is really missing out and is more or less being brain washed.
They say you can learn a lot about a person by the music they listen to, to me this was true. I now completely understand why my parents always say “that’s barely even music” or “the things they play on the radio are so different”. I know listen to some of the stuff they grew up listing to, Danna summers, Chris Cross and the Beastie boys are just some of the musician my parents introduced me to. Without further adieu I give to you. “The Impact Of Music:”
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The Impact of Music: on my Parents

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