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The Impact Of Not Legalizing Gay Marriage

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“Being an American is about having the right to be who you are. Sometimes that doesn't happen,” said Herb Ritts about gay marriage. While most people are concerned with legalizing gay marriage, the impact of not legalizing it is already taking its toll. As a result of not legalizing gay marriage, the American society is harmed because the foundation of society is broken: marriage. These Currently, couples are facing the effects of not being able to marry; thusly, it is important to look at the effect of not legalizing it, “...and in some cases illegalizing it...” (Marisa Bunney) has upon society.
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“It supports the arguments that homosexuality is unnatural, a sin, unlawful. It gives people more ammunition to discriminate and fear homosexuality. It tells people that it’s ok to hate us.” (Adam Nye). Through not legalizing same-sex marriage, the public is encouraged to be discriminatory.
Children, raised by both homo and heterosexual parents, add a significant factor to the argument of gay marriage. One major concern is how children will develop according to the household they are raised in. Laurie Friedman speaks on this saying:

There is substantial evidence that children raised in married households are on average
happier, healthier, and wealthier than children raised by single parents or by unmarried
cohabiting parents. This probably has something to do with the legal and social support
marriage provides. (44-45).
Children raised in married households have two parents, which seems to be the major factor in their development. The question lies in: Which is better? A child raised by parents of different or of the same sex? Or is there even a difference? Matt Daniels argues that it does make a difference because of his personal experiences of living with a single mom:

If you assert a lesbian couple is the full functional equivalent of a male-female family, you are making the claim that half the human race -- dads -- make no unique contribution to the care or nurturing of children, ... the same holds true for mothers. Each has different and complementary gifts needed to raise a child. (Fiore)
Daniels asserts the only way his childhood could have been saved was by his father being present. (Fiore). Others, such as Adam Nye argue that, “... this is completely dependant on the individual, not the individual’s sexual orientation or marriage status. If a parent is going to be abusive, s/he is going to be abusive...

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