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The Impact of Reality TVEverybody loves a little bit of Snookie. Reality TV has changed our culture and is changing the way we perceive reality. Reality TV is not your common television show actually it is far from it, with no writers, actors or scripts. Reality TV is bringing in the big bucks for networks and making stars out of regular Joe's. Reality TV can be inspiring but yet send inappropriate messages. It is pretty safe to say that Reality TVS influence has become wide spread in many faucets of real life not just TV.Reality TV dominates our lexicon, our water-cooler gossip and even the way we dress. Consider that more than a few heads turned when "Jersey Shore" star, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, received more cash to address students at Rutgers University in March 2011 than Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison did to give the commencement address in May. Snooki's advice to students: "Study hard, but party harder" [ source: John].The truth is the real benefactors of the reality show industry is not the modern day contestants or stars becoming stars; it is the production/network companies. They are reaping big time gains. Let's look at the show Jersey Shore for example; the previously unknown stars were making only a couple hundred dollars per episode when the show first aired. In retrospect this does not sound so bad does it? But when you compare it to the salaries made by actors of scripted shows you may just change your mind. Charlie Sheen, for example, was earning $860,000 per episode on his hit show, "Two and a Half Men," in 2009. [source Sean]Just how much is reality TV raking in for the TV networks? The answer is they are making a bundle! The revenue is not just coming from the shows, but it is also profiting from advertising dollars. American Idol tops the highest revenue in ad rates, to air a 30 second ad can cost you up to $415,000, according to Competitive Media Reports-the show also benefited from the fact that it ran twice a week and for much a longer stretch than its peers. [source Penelope] Reality TV is not only one of the most viewed genres by any audience, but also one of the most lucrative. The concept of reality TV has forever changed television and the way we see reality!Reality TV dates back as far as 1948, when Alan Funt began his classic show Candid Camera. This show created unreal situations and filmed the responses of ordinary people with hidden cameras. [Source Wikipedia & TV Faq] As time went on, reality TV shifted gears and started filming outside of the normal studios and took to the streets! Think of shows such as Cops and America's Most Wanted, this was a huge step in making reality TV even more real!Reality TV has really taken off. I feel it has made a significant impact on the broadcasting industry. The industry hit a home run and has been able to reduce costs of programming in this unscripted TV entertainment. The truth is reality TV made it big and continues to dominate TV screens all across the...

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