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Have you ever gone to bed and wondered what does sleep do to your physical and mental health? Sleeping has effects on our physical heart as well as our mental health (disorders, etc.)
Some doctors say that lack of sleep makes our heart deteriorate. In the article. “Sleep Problems May Increase The Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke." A Harvard professor stated "Sleeping less than four or five hours a night for three or four nights has measurable effects on insulin and cortisol effects”(Dry Redline of Harvard) Doctors at Harvard had done research and They have done observational studies that connect poor sleep with poor cardiovascular outcomes. In the article it states that Sleep apnea makes the back of the throat relaxes which leads to cutting off oxygen. . They are different ways that sleep problems affect the heart in many ways. People with sleep problems, blood pressure do not drop and may even rise. High blood pressure damages the lineage of blood vessels.
Researchers have found a way to connect sleep with education. Gary Scarpello who wrote "Lack Of Sleep Could Be Trouble For CTE Students” , did a research study with liberty mutual showed that teens had an average of 7.2 hours of sleep on school nights and 33 to 75 % of all students have sleep problems. In the article it had stated that not getting enough sleep can cause impaired hand eyed coordination, reaction time and brief mental lapses. (Scarpello). The same researchers also found out that Sleep helps restores brain functions such as alertness, metabolism, and memory and regulate hormones (Scarpello). Researchers Mary A. Carskardon and A.R. Wolfson studied 3,120 Rhode Island children. They had figured out that college students who slept more than nine hours a night had a greater G.P.A. than those sleeping less than six hours.( 3.2 v 2.7 GPA) Mary and Wolfson found out when a child goes through puberty the body changes which makes it harder to go to sleep early and wake up early. (qtd.Scarpello) Scarpello had stated “People don’t get enough sleep because they fill their lives with too many activates” (Scarpello).
The lack of sleep has an effect on the way we act/behave. Heather Fitzgerald the writer of How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Health”, stated “What we don’t take into account is our body is telling us we need more sleep” (Fitzgerald). Studies have shown that a person should get at least eight hours of undisturbed sleep. In the article it states that lack of sleep causes people to play sports poorly, their driving skills are off and they should not work machinery (Fitzgerald). Statscan has shown chronic sleep loss may cause increased risk of heart disease, and depression. (Fitzgerald) “The less sleep you get the more horrible you feel” (Fitzgerald). A Harvard University study found out that people who suffer from depression also have abnormal sleeping patterns (Fitzgerald). “We spend 33% of our lives sleeping” (Fitzgerald). The reading also had pointed that lack of sleep can cause...

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