The Impact Of Smoking On Health

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Smoking and cancer have a huge connection between between each other. Smoking has a huge impact on causing cancer. Research has shown that smoking has increased the chance of getting cancer. Every time you smoke you are increasing your chance of running the risk of having cancer later in life. People belive that smoking does harm them because they feel fine but what they don’t know is that tobacco has a huge impact on the risk of cancer.
Smoking can cause cancer because of its huge range of dangeours chemicals it contains. tobacco contains many up to 70 chemicals that cause cancer. Some chemicals that are in tobacco and are risk factors are tar which contains lots of dangeours chemicals. ...view middle of the document...

But with normal cells, cells die out and are growing at a moderate and contrable rate. Cancerous cells them can then begin to spred themselves throught the blood stream and start to destroy body tissue , invasion. the cell is then able to grow blood vessels which would help the cells get food this is called angiogenesis. After the cells is able to spread itself and repeat this step to other parts of the body tissue. If smoking the body is being weaked by the chemicals in the tobacco which then causes the immune system to fail which lead to your body not being able to fight of cancer. So cancer is just continuing to grow nonstop without having anything to stop it. The harmful chemicals that tobacco contains also is able to change a cell’s DNA which then makes the cell not die out and grow disorderly end in forming a tumor in the tissue. Smoking can then cause cancer in every part of your body for example, in pancreas, lung, stomach, colon, larynx, mouth, nose, and in the throat. Tobacco can also cause up to 18 different kinds of cancers.Research has shown...

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