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The Impact Of Social Class In “Independence And The Inward I” Inrw 0420

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In the essay “Independence and the Inward I” By Peter Rondinone is about the life of Rondinone is “working” class life. As reported by Henslin, Garcia, sellors, and Rikken they found out that depending on the way you were raisied and what social class you come from you can either move social class or stay in the same one. In other word you can either fail or successed. Now we will compare these studies with the essay “Independence and the Inward I” by Rondinone to see if the studies match the essay. The three categories we will use to see if the correspond will be the parents, education, and crime
First, we will start with the Parents and how they role they play can impact the life of the child. As stated by James Henslin he found that in a poor “woking” class parents tends to teach the child to follow rules and expect the children to end up with a similar job to theirs. Henslin also compraded a middle class with a poor class. He found that the middle class teaches the student to be creative while the lower class teaches them that they should follow rules(Henslin). Like Rondinone’s parents when they see his acceptant letter to college his mother’s response was “why don’t you go work already? Like other people” (Rondinone). As well as his father’s response was “you jerk! You wanna sell ties?”(Rondinone).
The second thing that take role in Rondinone’s life would be his education and how it was viewed. Rondinone states in his essay that “the class were overcrowded”. This is also connected...

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