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The Impact Of Social Media In Society

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Social media has evolved how our society is coordinated on a daily. Social media has evolved through the early years that it has existed. Mass media has greatly been changed due to the adoption of social media. Social media is classified as applications processes used to communicate, share interest, and opinions publicly. Social media is fairly new with being adopted by the masses in the past several years. With this technological boom type of era, social media will continually to thrive. One of the key players that have enable social media to grow so rapidly is the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized how we consume our social media. The ability to access the Internet and find ...view middle of the document...

Some companies such as Coca-Cola utilize Facebook and Twitter to communicate with its consumer base. Asking questions, receiving feedback, introducing new products, etc. all are greatly more effective with the use of social networks. All of these components of social media allow for businesses to growth in our economy. Our society is changing and Americans are no longer working traditional jobs. Lots of individuals are self-employed and social media allows them to thrive. Whether it’s consulting, creating new networks, or amplifying new ideas, companies are being formed everyday due to social media. An example of a thriving company using social media is Red Robin restaurant, which has over 400 chain stores. They utilized a social network similar to Facebook to train managers in every aspect of the company such as new recipes. Network allows for data gathered for processing and presented for analysis. Along with receiving feedback from customers through this social network, greatly increases the overall welfare of the company. Social media has impacted the economy due to the changes in how we do business. Our society is becoming more fast pace and social media aids in that transition.
Another aspect of how social media has affected society is socially. Social media is an essential tool used in our society for communication. People use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, etc. to communicate messages. Virtually any individual can read all of the posts and tweets and that message can be spread to the masses. An example of messages being spread through social media involves the news. News organizations are utilizing social media to report the news more quickly and effectively. Facebook and Twitter accounts by news organizations allow them to report, get information to the public, and utilize citizen reporters. Social media has not changed our social behavior but magnified it. Social media has demonstrated that people are more supportive of them and people are more politically engaged in them vs. being non-users. Communities are being formed through networks such as Facebook. People connect with one another, share interests, and their opinions as if they were having face-to-face conversations. This is the revolutionary characteristic of social media, enabling people to be social through online networks. Society has changed due to media such as Facebook, people post their lives online and share who they are and connect with others. As the years progress our society will become more integrated with social media and adapt to it as a standard for being socialized. Another example of a social effect involves famous figures using social media. People follow famous individuals and are heavily influenced by them. Through social media celebrities can reach out more and brand their image even more on society. Tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook...

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