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The Impact Of Social Media On Teenagers

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What impact does this hyper-connected social media life have on teenagers and why are they so infatuated with it? The new age of social networking has been changing and escalating dramatically since 2003. These sites serve as a way of communicating with friends, business associates, strangers and people who share common interests. Websites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster, and twitter permit a user to create custom-made profiles that can include pictures, text, audio, and video, while sharing it with others. Thus, the popularity of social networking sites has grown exponentially in the last decade. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, nearly “three-quarters” of all teens use social networks of some kind; many even have more than one account (Derek Stanovsky, 2013). In addition, this is an important topic to look at because even though, the use of the ...view middle of the document...

Another reason that has a negative impact on teens is less physical activities. The third reason due to which social media has a negative impact on teens is identity crisis which causes them to have dual personality.
Primary Research
In order to conduct this experiment, a survey was created with a variety of questions on social networking. My primary research includes teenagers between the age group of 14-18 and it consists of both males and females. In order to get better-quality results twelve teenagers were randomly surveyed in order to get a wide range of answers. Furthermore, the following experimentation was done anonymously in order to make sure that honest and accurate answers were obtained as some people feel more comfortable being unknown. Thus, this is another way to avoid interview biases, and it’s also easier to put it in a chart. Therefore, this method was chosen because it is easier and effective to get better results.
There were a number of potential challenges that acted like hurdles during the process of this research. One of the obstacles of this research was finding relevant articles that interrelated to this topic. A lot of the websites that were found talked about social networking in general, rather than an in depth explanation to its negative effects on teens, but in the end it took a lot of effort and time to obtain relevant articles and statistics regarding the topic. Another obstacle faced during this research was getting the right people to do the survey. Moreover, some students left a few questions blank which made the research challenging when analyzing data. Thus, more students had to conduct the survey so that everything would be filled out appropriately. Finally, the third challenging obstacle that was endured was making the type of questionnaire which involved no bias, and making sure it was worded correctly. Furthermore, it was difficult to make sure that there were no open-ended questions involved as the results would be widespread. In order to overcome this, the survey consisted of straight-forward multiple choice questions

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