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The Impact Of Social Media Upon Education

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Social media is a necessity. Around every corner, a person is seen scrolling through the countless news feeds on their favorite social media sites. This fast developing technology is changing the way that the world communicates on all levels, even to the point that people text each other when they are in the same room. With the uprising of faster social media, hardly anything else is used to get information, or communicate it. The obvious fact that social media is truly everywhere is apparent without a long search. With this being said, it is apparent that social media has taken a reign over many aspects of our lives: our communication along our social chains, getting current information, and so many other parts that affect American life. One of the pieces that might not shine as bright, is the correlation between social media and higher education. Since social media is advancing the way everyday life is lived, it naturally is starting to blend into the more efficient ways that are created to get the best education possible. Social media’s role in college education is becoming more active all of the time; it lets students become more involved, it gives them easier access to resources, it improves their education quality, but it can also create a legal mess if not carefully proctored.
Most patrons who pursue a higher education, want to be educated. Hopefully they don’t want to waste their time and hard earned resources for nothing. After all, why else would we be willing to allot the huge sum of money that it takes to cover the price of an education of quality. The best way to get all of the value out of a college course, is to be as involved as much as possible. This may be more of a persistent struggle for some. There are many factors that play into how well engaged the student is in their classes. The more obvious factors are those such as culture, sex, and personality. For example, in a classic classroom, someone who is introverted might not be as involved, due to their constant anxiety of being judged.
Thanks to social media getting involved, these classical classroom problems are decreasing. This exact point is touched on in Ephraim Okoro’s findings that students who were from different cultures were uncomfortable when it came to participating in their in class discussions. This was mainly due to their personal, social, and cultural differences. When students like these were able to submit assignments and interact through the Blackboard system, their responses and feedback proved that they understood the content that was covered (257). The use of the Blackboard system technology benefited people in the depth that they were involved, which led to them learning more and receiving the best education that they could.
Just as this example proved, being plugged into social media is becoming more and more crucial. College students are not only understanding their college material more via use of social media, but are also...

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