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The Impact Of Spirituality On Cancer Treatment

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Spirituality or what is termed as an ultimate or immaterial reality involves processes through which a person undergoes a struggle to find a meaning that reflects his inner being and explore the very existence of his essence and presence in the world.
Through the practice of spiritual exercises a person gains a much better understanding of his Creator and benefactor, moreover it is also said that spirituality brings a person closer to God. There are three major methods through which spirituality is performed; these include the actions of meditation, contemplation and prayer. All three actions through their special postures and kinesics attempts to bridge the gap between God and his creation and it is through these actions that a person gets the opportunity to address his problems, his difficulties and toils through a religious action. (Taylor, Elizabeth and Ruth 1997)
Science, Spirituality and Cancer
Every religion of the world accentuates on the principle of spirituality in different ways. In Christianity, the action of binding hands is considered as a method of gaining spiritual essence and importance whereas in Islam the different body postures of offering prayers are important in terms of attaining spirituality. (Waijmann 2002)
On the other hand, a modern area of research that has captivated the attention of medicine and health experts all over the globe is to unearth the connection between spirituality and spiritual essence and the ways it can be used to heal or cure extremely lethal diseases such as cancer. The use of spiritual means has always been a fascinating subject of study in the case of third world or developing countries where the scope of scientific and technological advancements is still on a limited scale. (Young and Koopsen 2009)
It is a general belief of people in such countries that some of the diseases are best cured by spiritual healers who have special powers of healing and curing people completely alien and much above the understanding boundaries of medical science. Sometimes the occurrence of such diseases is also linked with orthodox and conservative beliefs like exorcism for which exorcists are approached for the eviction of demonic spirits that hold a human soul hostage for the fulfillment of evil commands. (Fisch and Burton 2006)
But a major question that pops in the human mind is there any sort of connection between spirituality and cure of such diseases? Does our faith play a role in healing us from diseases like cancer and its types? And if there is any sort of credibility in such beliefs then does it imply that spiritual convictions are much more superior to the tangible existence of science?
Even though the number of case studies or research conducted in dealing with this aspect has been limited, there is phenomenal similarity that demonstrates a positive co relation between religiosity and cancer treatment. It has been shown in these studies that the individuals that strictly adhere to...

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