The Impact Of Environments On Creativity And Individuality

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Humans are unique species because we have the ability to adapt to any environments. This ability sets us apart from other animals because we have invented many tools that enable us to alter our way of living to any environment: clothing, medicine, agriculture, food and so on. Whether humans chose to engage in the environment is up to them. Even though we have the capability of adapting, how do humans assess the effectiveness of an environment for their creative output? An enriched environment excites brain cells, making them more active and allowing for the growth of new dendrites, which then increases the surface area of the brain cell, creating more space for brain cells to make new connections . Therefore, everyone has a unique collection of connections between brain cells and these personal experiences create individuality. It has been notice through brain functioning images that, “the front of the brain is associated with the highest, most deeply human abilities—what are sometimes called ‘‘controlling’’ and ‘‘executive’’ functions of the brain” involving the prefrontal cortex region which plays a prominent role in assessing ones ability to create. It has been implied that the prefrontal cortex is one of the main players when performing the computation that transforms the novelty into creative behavior . Therefore, one might agree that in order to generate novel creativity one must be in an enriched environment. This could be because there is more information and social interaction, which could influence one to make remote associations and have more possibility for solutions during problem solving. However, enriched environments can be stressful, which could limit the performance of ones creative ability and increase their noradrenergic system, which is responsible for concentrated attention . Norepinephrine is induced by stress, and this concentrated attention could prevent thinking outside the creative box within the networks that store cognitive representations . Thus, how is creativity shaped by knowledge and age? How does exposure to different environments affect ones creative abilities? By exploring the neuroscience aspect of the stages, as well as, the brain regions that are involved during creative thinking will help assess the effects of socially enriched and isolated environments on creativity. This will inform how both socially enriched and isolated environments allow for creative growth. Thus, relating back to the idea of how important it is for a species, like humans, to adapt to new environments.
There are two types of environments presented in this paper, enriched and isolated. Enriched environments allow for excitement in the brain, as well as the growth of knowledge and personal experience. Isolated environments have less excitement but allow for concentration of knowledge, as well as assessing a solution for the given problem. Both environments play different roles within influencing creative potential...

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