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The Impact Of Taylorism And Fordism On The Us Motor Vehicle Industry

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Scientific Management

Intro :
This paper takes a look at the ways in which the ideas of Fordism and Taylorism helped the success of the U.S motor vehicle industry. The motor vehicle industry has changed the fundamental ideas on the process of manufacturing and probably more expressively on how humans work together to create value.
In my essay we will take a look at Frederick Taylors principles of scientific management and his contribution to manufacturing and the influence he has had. We will use Ford as the organization as Fordism I closely linked to Taylorism and has been majorly influenced by it. The U.S. motor vehicle industry emerged at the end of the 19th century as a craft ...view middle of the document...

S, where larger corporations were developing higher levels of productivity and specialization to cope with high demand and meet with supply.
Taylor believed that the only way to increase productivity was to find the right test for each individual and then paying them for their increase in output. He used time studies to set productions quotas for every single day. An incentive was paid to every individual that reached their goals daily and those who weren’t able to reach their goal received a much lower pay/ Taylor successfully doubled productivity using this method, systematic controls and tools with a functional foremanship and a whole new wage system. He paid the individual and not the task. Taylor believe that from the most basic, mindless tasks could be planned in a way to increase productivitity substantially and that scientific management of the work brought better results that the “initiative and incentive” method of motivating workers. The intiative and incentive method offered and incentive to improve productivity but put responsibility on the worker to find out how to do it. Thus, to scientifically determine the best way to perform a job he used time studies which involved the use of a stopwatch to time a workers sequence of motions with the aim to find the most efficient way to carry out a task.
The principles of scientific management are as follows, firstly the planning of a particular task should be separate from the execution of a task. This principle explains the requirement for managers and their planning role. Secondly, workers are selected for tasks by the method of rational decision making which stresses the importance of a manager’s decision making role. Thirdly, a task should be broken down, shortened and standardized with minimum movements. This is an important principle in certain industries especially in manufacturing. The fourth principle is that there is only one best way of carrying out every task and this should be revealed by managers through the method of rational analysis and measurements.
This process is applicable where many people can be employed and productivity can be measured and especially where tasks can be broken down and simplified and standardized which could be repeated. For example if one employee was accountable for each of the tasks then there would not be much training required and it would lead to specialization therefore increasing quality of work. Managers would plan all of these tasks to ensure minimal movement. The effective use of IT can play a pivotal role in curtailing skill and the amount of actions made.
Taylor believed that workers were motivated by the pursuit of of rational self-interest and that incentive wages in the form of a differential piece rate system was the solution to all labor problems. The propensity to confine output was seen as an unnecessary product of the absence of scientific authority for work standards. Management was able to ensure co-operation by consensus...

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