The Impact Of Technology In The Last 20 Years

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The first vestige of a technological advance is dated from the dawn of the primordial human organizations, which due to intelligent adaptations to survive, were able to stand a variety of environments and difficulties, being then able to populate the entire world with our species. Consequently, with the passing of time, the humanity was able to evolve even more its abilities, aiming to create new methods to simplify and extend the quality of human-based work. Such process was contextualized as the advent of technology, which has driven the development of societies as well as the disparity among them.
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More specifically, with the creation of the Internet in the late 1960s, and its consequent popularization in the beginning of the 1990s, the ideas of freedom and immateriality enabled people to access all kinds of information, covering a variety of news never before imagined in a practically that approaches perfection. Thus, the development of new technologies in the computer industry supplanted an increasingly competitive and specialized market, directly resulted from globalization.
Simultaneously with the ascension of technology, the current production model was severely altered, as until the advent of automation, world was immersed in a production pattern called Fordism. Such model was based on a specialized production, in which each worker performed one specific small task during all day, creating the line of production. Ford’s ideals prevailed steady from the beginning of the 20th century until the 1970s, however, labor movements and the claim for a new production policy led to the emergence of Toyotism. Now, the focus layed on the space and money spent on unnecessary storage, resulting on a politic named “just in time”, a process where the items for the production arrive at the moment before they must be used. This entire process of restructuring of the industrial production was possible due to the development of data processing, and subsequently, made possible the establishment of a mean of production mainly based on the use of technology.
Though, the modernization of the production lines led to the massive use of machines instead of human labor, resulting on an immediate substitution, a factor of discontent of a large contingent of people. With computerization dividing labor into different sectors and processes, the profitability of post industrial capitalism proved to be rewarding for the owners of the means of production, the result was, therefore, structural unemployment.. In response to this occurrence, there was the growth of informal, temporary jobs, increasing the availability of labor and making unemployment one of the most meaningful social problems from the contemporaneous world, often associated with the increase of violence and crime.
This sharp increase in technological driven structural unemployment reaches every capitalist country, and has become one of the critical problems of the XXI century. Data provided by the Bank of Portugal in 26th January 2014 point out a growth of 11.5% in unemployment in a period of five years in Portugal, meaning that a mass of about 620,000 portuguese workers will not return to work in behalf of the lack of...

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