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The Impact Of Technology On The Music Industry

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Since the beginning of time technology has been around, we have seen this the the invention of the wheel for example. Ever since the wheel technology has been advancing helping out men and women making their lives easier. But it did not stop there it kept on growing and will continue to grow years after years. Technology was pretty simple when it was first made back in the 4th millennium BC, but it can not always stay the same. Since technology has been changing exponentially it has been changing the music industry as well, changing the everyday lives of humankind. It has changed the music industry for the better and to some others for the worse. It has changed by improving and making the ...view middle of the document...

This leads to buying more music online and not buying the physical copy of the album. The music industry has constantly been changing;it has gone through a thousand different changes on its own over the past years. The music industry had a chance to recover from the loss of CD sales by changing the old ways that they used. They had to use ways that pleased the customers, ways that attracted them to get back into buying CD’s. The music industry failed to collaborate with social networks. Which led the music industry to become less popular unlike music downloading sites. Many online music sites were put into Facebook as advertisements. Since they were introduced there hasn't really been that many major labels. Now Facebook could not have said no to have major labels on their site. But is was actually the label artists that denied Facebook. There has been a little conflict between music sites and the major labels they use. Major labels only take what they need like profits without providing the music websites with nothing in return. Nowadays the old ways just can't get the job done especially for the music industry (Fisher) .
Eventually technology made music more popular. A factor that made music popular is well technology itself. It all started with the player piano and the phonograph. These two inventions brought something new to the music industry. Manufacturers spent heavily promoting them in the 20th century, but then the radio came into play. With the being made it resulted in crooning. Crooning is when performers sing more intimately than when they sang without amplification in auditoriums. Crooning ended up producing the first mass media of popular music superstars. After World War II there was a creation made for the music industry. This creation was the magnetic tape. The magnetic tape made the production of recording much less expensive. This resulted in the creation of small record labels. A little while after the blues came the rise of rock and roll and from there on music kept evolving. Today popular music consists of European and African American artists with techno, house, and trance music (“Popular music”).
Digital music will in fact one day be the only main source of music. There’s just no stopping music from advancing. Digital music and the ways its made will just keep changing and changing then eventually the only way to find music will be online. Someone can have say 5,000 records for example now those are collectables but at the same time useless. Although a person has all those he or she has no way to play them. Now they could convert all those record disks to a CD but there just isn’t enough time to convert all those disks. Unless they actually still have a working record player. But other than that if the record player is broken or has a broken piece say the stylus, there is no place you can go to that will sell the part that's broken from the record player.No one manufacturs record players anymore all the people that...

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