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The Impact Of Terrorism Essay

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The impact of Terrorism
Terrorism has and is changing the world. The U.S. government describes terrorism as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents” (Gupta12). The implications of terrorism go beyond the casualties. Terrorism has evolved drastically; the ramifications of these unjustifiable acts of terror have and are having a great impact in our everyday lives. A single act of terror can strike fear and gloom into an entire country.
Dipak K. Gupta, in his book Who Are the Terrorists? (2006), illustrates what terrorism is and its origin, as well as arguing what is an act of terror. Dipak ...view middle of the document...

They are trying to find a specific trait in terrorists. Many have said that terrorists usually are rigid, unable to make a lasting conversation, suffer from depression or a feeling of emptiness, and are described as death-seeking. These are some of the reoccurring traits found in terrorists. One other concept is motive. Motive can vary in terrorists the most common would probably be freedom fighters who commit these acts of terror because they feel very strongly on what they believe; this is usually a religious belief. Some terrorists really have no motive as seen in the Boston bombings and that is the most sickening aspect of terrorism and those affected by it.
Terrorists heavily rely on the media not in every case but it has become more common. The media play a huge role in terrorism; often terrorist groups take credit for killings, or bombings on TV or the internet. Sometimes the media will even interview terrorists. For the most part terrorists like the media because they use it to install fear into the public, and make their beliefs and feelings known worldwide. While thinking about terrorism there is three parts to consider in the actual act of terror. Dipak K. Gupta says that these three factors are: the act, the actor, and the motive. Every incident in terrorism has the act itself, an actor or actor’s committing the act, and their motive behind it. These three factors help define terrorism.
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Arguably the most devastating and tragic day in U.S. history is 9/11. A day that shock the world and changed it. A day in which nobody will forget and will forever haunt many. The ramifications of this tragic day are still felt “Today, over a decade removed from 9/11 we are renegotiating the lines between freedom and security that were drawn in response to the terrorist attack” (How 9/11 changed the world 1). This one single day and one single act of terror changed America as well as the world. Not only the people who died, got hurt, or even lost loved ones on this day were affected. The results of this day created fear into the public. Fear can grip a nation since 9/11 fear and tensions between ethnic groups and religions have shot up, due to the consequences of an Islamic group taking credit for this awful attack. Terrorism has a huge impact on people Michael War speaks of this “The moment’s that resound with us the most are those that contain in them the greatest dissonance, the ones that jolt us from our comfort” (How 9/11 changed the world1). This really is true. A moment when you feel uncomfortable or an have awkward feeling usually sticks with us and we keep it in our memories, this is no different than how many American felt on 9/11 and how they feel when they think back to that tragic day.
There are so many ways in which terror has impacted a person’s life and most of them are not recognized. The first way would be that what someone does on their phone is not so secret. Verizon are required to give the NSA information...

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