The Impact Of The Marketing Environment

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A Detailed Audit of the External Factors Currently Affecting the Business CONTENTS PAGE Chapter(s) Subject(s) 1 ???????????????? Task 1 : Introduction to SLEPT 2 ???????????????? Social 3 ???????????????? Legal/Political 4 ???????????????? Economical 5 ???????????????? Technological 6 ???????????????? Conclusion 7 ???????????????? Task 2 : Table of Sources 8 ???????????????? Task 3 : The Euro 9 ???????????????? Task 3 : Technology 10 ???????????????? Task 3 : Conclusion 11 ???????????????? Task 4 : Competitive Analysis 12 ???????????????? Task 4 : Conclusion THE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT ASSIGNMENT TASK ONE - CHAPTERS 1-6 CHAPTER 1 Task 1 - Introduction Fashion Trak is part of the TNS global market research company and is based in London. TNS is a public limited company, which means that capital can be raised from a number of sources such as employees via shares. The division began in 1995 and has performed well over the last eight years (see Fashion Trak revenue chart below). Fashion Trak has a competitive advantage in that it is the only service of its type available in Great Britain.Fashion Trak provides clothing, footwear and accessories information to high street retailers such as River Island and Marks & Spencer, mail order companies, city banks and trade magazines. Fashion Trak gathers information based on a panel of 10,000 individuals aged 12-74 (those under 12 are usually bought for and monitored). These individuals are demographically and regionally balanced to represent the whole of Great Britain (excluding Ireland and tourist sales). The information is collected via telephone interview, every fortnight at a pre-arranged time. The information requested is not only based on what type of product purchased but also other variables including price, method of payment, brand, retailer and key characteristics on the product e.g. colour, sleeve length and shoe size. This section of the report will identify the key external issues that currently affect the division and to a degree TNS as a whole. The changes in the macro-environment have had an impact and this report looks at the Social, Legal, Political, Economical and Technological competitive factors (SLEPT) to demonstrate the key implications. The sources used are a combination of information from newspapers, marketing textbooks and interviews from senior management within Fashion Trak & TNS.CHAPTER 2 Task 1 - Social This element of the macro-environment evaluates the impact of changing lifestyles, demographics, population and social responsibility.The population in England & Wales is currently 58 million. The age distribution has altered over the last fifty years and has moved progressively older. According to the Census 2001 report carried out by the Office of National Statistics under 15 year olds accounted for 22% of the population in 1951 compared to 19% in 2001. Conversely the 65+ age group has risen from 11% to 16% over the past five decades.Not only has the population become...

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