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The Impact Of The New York Road Runners

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The New York Road Runners is a non-profit organization based in New York City. It
was originally founded in 1958 in Macombs Dam Park in the Bronx as a running club with
about 40 members who were led by African American Olympian Ted Corbitt. This new club
opened its ranks to all: men, women, Whites, Blacks, fast and slow. Growth was a gradual
process, by 1970 there were about 250 members and that was the first year of the New York City
Marathon in Central Park. As time would pass the NYRR would increase in members and always
spread its mission statement among new and old members alike. The mission is to help and
inspire people through running, as it states on their website at “Running takes your
body, mind, and spirit to a better place. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other
and moving forward can make you healthier, happier, and more confident. Like the starting horn
at a race, we want to be the “Go!” that gets people running for life. At New York Road Runners,
it is our goal to give everyone on the planet both a reason to run and the means and opportunity
to keep running and never stop.” This mission statement is to motivate past and future runners in
the city of New York.

In the 1972 marathon co-founder Fred Lebow took over as the president of the NYRR,
and helped start a “running boom’ that swept the nation during this time. In 1976 The New York
City marathon extended to all five boroughs of New York. They also launched many new races
for its members during the decade of the 70’s, including the first ever all woman race named the
NYRR New York Mini 10K and others like the Empire State run-up and the midnight run which
takes place at exactly midnight on New Year ’s Eve, by the end of the decade there were over
20,000 members. The NYRR also has its moral and core values that the organization lives by
with Vision, Excellence, Teamwork, Passion, Innovation and Challenge. These values are the
foundation of this organization, and this is what motivates its employees and members that
include myself to this day. The NYRR believe that all of these values and traits can make any
person better in the way they live their lives, to supply motivation and bring hope to many people
that may not have had it before. The NYRR also has a charity rating of a 63 out of 70, which
means that they are a legitimate help to less fortunate and do what they can to help through the
power of running and motivation. Most of their runs funding goes to either a disease research or
to assist in schools providing athletic...

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