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The Impact Of The Internet On Education

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The internet has been able to create a profound influence on the lives of the individuals. In this regard, the internet has been able to create all-round influence on the broad domains comprising shopping and communications along with certain other factors. It is playing a very crucial role in changing the everyday lives of people. Different types of tasks such as communication, banking and shopping which made our lives easier. With the advent of the internet in the everyday lives of people, these tasks have become very simple and digitized. Nowadays, all of these activities can be performed online which is considered to be a better alternative as compared to face-to-face communication. The everyday tasks that are being performed with the help of internet have been able to create drastic amount of changes in the lives of people. Additionally, the various business domains i.e. entertainment, investment, travel information, news and emails have made major contributions towards fulfilling the requirements of the public and business as well. This technology has been able to create all-around revolutions that have facilitated to provide an easy way for customers to shop online. As internet allows mass accessibility to the customers, it helps in satisfying their shopping requirements at large. It even allows the users to deliver feedbacks in relation to the products and services that are delivered to them by way of internet shopping. In relation to delivery of facts relating to products and services, shopping and communication, the role of internet can be studied in an in-depth manner (CS&E Dept, 2001).
Information Technology (IT) can be regarded as one of the fastest booming sectors, which contributes to the overall growth of business. It is a business concept which is highly utilized for transaction of business through online sources and is flourishing and recognized. E-business is reliable for many consumers as the sharing of business information and all types of transactions are done electronically (National Science Foundation, n.d.).Online business, which is one of the most used business terminologies, caters to the customers in today’s business scenarios. The nature of E-business holds mass importance in the overall online environment. There is a tremendous growth that can be seen in E-Commerce. Online business giants such as Amazon, eBay and Flipkart among others have shown the tremendous increase in the overall E-business and are able to earn large extent of profits through the...

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