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The Impact Of Tourism And Human Activity On Biodiversity

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Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth. It refers to the number of species of plants, animals and microorganisms. However, it also refers to the difference of the ecosystems on the planet such as rainforests, deserts, coral reefs and so on. This is all parts of a biologically diverse on the earth. The beauty of the country is made by the biodiversity on the earth. This can make the country became the most popular place to touristy, because of a wealth resource for the tourist sector that including the interesting animals and plants, a wonderful or fantastic place for tourist to explore and also scenic walks. These indicate the importance of tourism plays as an important part to the economy of the country. So, to enjoy the success or beauty of the natural, protect the biodiversity is being ensured.
Nevertheless, tourism is one of the sectors that growing fastest in the world. But more of the sector development in the hotspots of biodiversity will have many species unique to that region. There is why tourism represents both opportunities for and threats to the conservation of biodiversity.

Impact on Plants Diversity
While enjoying the beauty of biodiversity, industry of tourism will also bring the impacts to the plants, wildlife and habitats. The impacts on plant diversity are quite similar to other economic activities such as construction work, industry and so on. For example:
• Destruction of vegetation directly
• Over-use of water or other resources
• Site of the tourism infrastructure
• Poorly planned
• Habitat degradation by the poorly management of outdoor activities such as angling, cycling, hiking and so on
• inappropriate behavior of the visitors (littering)
• Increasing of waste production
• Local infrastructure lack capacity to manage the affect of seasonal influx

There are some sectors that can help on plant diversity for the impact of tourism. One of the sectors is Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The projects must be considers to the likely effect of the plans and programs to the environment. While the plans or programs are being developed, the impacts will be taken into account to ensure that the correct action is being taken by the developer is in advance. Wildlife Conservation Officers are more to the development of hotels and golf clubs which is a large estate. This sector is to ensure that the correct efforts are being taken by the developer to preserve and protect the habitats that have on the resorts.
For the sector Green walkways and the development of Green Trails, it must provide the user with a memorable experience and also the feeling which is close to the nature. But the walkways cannot be built or intrude on the sensitive areas or the areas that is easily eroded. Good management of biodiversity can help the business of tourism company growth fastest or improve the business. Because through the contributing of the conservation biodiversity, company of tourism can also improve their quality...

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