The Impact Of Tourist On Local People In Chiang Rai

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Tourism is the most interesting and growing faster and faster in service industry in the world. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), tourism in 2005 changed to be the 2nd largest industry, accounted for 3.8 percent of global Gross Domestic Product - GDP (Rosli & Azhar, 2007). From it growth, there are a lot of impact that came from tourism affect many countries. In Chiang Rai, Thailand, the province where located in the northern Thailand and near by the border of neighbor country that have a lot of tourist come in every season. So, it made the impact to local people Therefore, This research is the study of the impact of tourism in Chiang rai.
- Research problems
How tourism impact to Chiang Rai ?
Nowadays, Chiang Rai Changing in which way ?
Research objective
To study about the impact that happened from tourist which affect to local people
To views the future tourism development
Non-directional H1
Local people in Chiang Rai : perceptual of the impact of tourism
Scope of study
- Study on preliminary data of local people in Chiang Rai.
- Tourist attractions zone in Chiang Rai such as Mae Sai, Wat Rung Khun temple, Golden Triangle and Night Plaza.
- Amount of interviewee (Local people)
Period of time: 2 weeks from 19 January 2014 to 3 February 2014
Independent: Local people in Chiang Rai
Dependent: -Demographic information
Perceptions of tourism’s impacts in Chiang Rai
Views of future tourism development
Adjustments to tourism
Definition (operational definition)
-Tourism is an activity that done by an individual or a group of individuals which leads to a motion from their place to another.
-Tourist is a person who is travelling to a place for pleasure.
-Tourist attraction is a main place where a huge tourists visit.
-Local people are resident who living in the area for long time.
Literature review
Review of relate literature
Researchers have long commented upon the influence of tourism on the culture and social life of host populations, including new leisure opportunities and changes in resident behavior. As well, many attitude or perception surveys undertaken in a variety of international destinations have included questions specific to residents' leisure. However, there has been little published in the way of detailed case studies or longitudinal changes, from which causal relationships might be identified. This paper describes a framework which has been designed for a comparative study of the social impacts of tourism on community in three paper following; Economic and Social Impact of Tourism on a Small Town, The Impacts of Tourism and Environmental Effects Of Tourism. The information will provide in four part of comparison between. First is comparison about objective of each paper. Then, compare information about the Methodology. Finally will conclusion.
The key questions or objective...

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