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The Impact Of Traditional Vs. Interactive Instruction

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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Is interactive learning suitable for all subjects? 4
Are the students open to the change in their normal school routine? 5
Is there an age bracket best suited to interactive learning? 5
What are the advantages and disadvantages of an interactive classroom? 6
How do the roles of teacher and learner changes when involve in interactive learning? 8
How actually does an interactive classroom differ from a traditional classroom? 9
Conclusion 11
References 12

What is interactive learning and book learning?
In recent years, there has been a huge push towards a new form of learning in all schools, from primary schools to colleges. Interactive learning or E- Learning is a more social method of relaying information in a classroom environment. Passive learning or book learning depends on students paying attention to a teacher or lecturer and being able to memorise information and recall it when needed. Book learning is the method where an educator imparts knowledge to students in a face to face setting, like a classroom. Long gone are the exclusively teacher-centred classrooms or traditional classroom (sjtvu, 2013). Traditional classrooms can be limited in the ability of education. This form of teaching requires teachers to report to a central office for the information on what they are teaching. In this way, teachers and students are learning the same environment. Learning can be hard when students have employment outside the normal school routine. For traditional students, interactive learning can help give an advantage in classroom learning. With the use of computers and software programmes, it helps the both teacher and students with the lesson, according to HR dictionary. This allows educators to assign material for upcoming class discussions, receive assignments, and provide feedback to students. In this paper, it will compare the two different teaching styles, interactive learning and book learning, by answering the following questions “Is interactive learning suitable for all subjects? Are the students open to the change in their normal school routine? Is there an age bracket best suited to interactive learning? What are the advantages of an interactive classroom? How do the roles of teacher and learner changes? How actually does an interactive classroom differ from a traditional classroom?” From this, it will help to get a clear view of the different opinions of each party.

Is interactive learning suitable for all subjects?
‘Interactive learning is any sort of schoolwork or academic plan that uses computer technology in order to emphasize or teach specific material’(wiseGEEK,2003) With this in mind, it is obvious that most subjects would be suitable to be changed to the form of interactive leaning. The main thing each subject would have to do would is change from the traditional book/ passive learning and use power point presentations instead. This will...

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