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The Impact Of Transformational Leadership In The Workplace

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Research is based on the theory that Transformational leadership drives followers to motivation for organizational success. Fueled by views of James MacGregor-Burns, Steven Covey, Peter Drucker, Lussier and Achua, Bass, Baldoni and other leading researchers of Transformational Leadership Style. Transformational Leadership style, assisted by effective communication and influence of Transactional Leadership is proven to bring out high morale and productivity with followers.
Steven Covey’s brief thoughts on Transformational Leadership Style:
“The goal of transformational leadership is to ‘transform’ people and organizational in a literal sense, to change them in mind and heart; enlarge ...view middle of the document...

Followers look for reward from leadership, transformational leads to fulfillment, whereas transactional breeds’ personal reward. The theory posed to be key to motivating success by using Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership, coupled with transactional leadership and effective communication, and how it correlates to follower satisfaction.
Transformational Leadership vs Transactional Leadership
Ethical charisma and effective communication have proved to be successful tools in organizational development and success. Lussier and Achua states “Transformational Leadership seeks to change the status quo by articulating to followers the problems in the current system and a compelling vision of what the organization should be.” (2013). The Transformational leader communicates a vision to the followers, listening to what the follower says to adjust communication style. Each situation is adjusted for perceived needs and wants. This leader weighs decisions on what they see, not on seeming facts of followers. This leadership style is realized as a key component in the success of the organization. Culture of the workforce is molded by this style of leader, bringing everyone on a level playing ground. Transformational Leadership goes hand in hand with Transactional Leadership. The Transactional Leader does not desire to change the culture of the workforce, this leader seeks a give-and-take situation, a personal reward system for accomplishment. (MacGregor-Burns, 1978). In a Transactional style, the process is more important than the vision. Relationships are built on task and reward orientation and the relationship may be redefined at end of transaction. (Robert N. Lussier & Christopher F. Achua, 2013)
The Transformation Process
According to Lussier and Achua, a Transformational leader is brought in when adjustments need to be made to accomplish goals of the organization. This charismatic leader brings new light to an organization. Before transformation can take place, participation is needed throughout the chain of command. Four step model is the beginning; 1. Contest current standards and have reason for change, 2. Be inspirational including all followers, 3. Be a trusted leader that follows through during the transition, 4. Personify the change. (Robert N. Lussier & Christopher F. Achua, 2013) While showing reason for the change a leader must be that change with clear communication of the vision. Looking forward showing each follower where they stand and how they can rise. In exemplifying that, the transformational leader gives the follower a visible goal of where the organization wants them to be. This place can be deceiving if the leader does not have the organizations best interest at heart. Keeping the focus on the organizations needs with light shed on personal gain gives motivation that increases productivity and morale.
Qualities of Effective Transformational Leaders
Effective leadership must be in place to have organizational...

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