The Impact Of Video Games Essay

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The Impact of Video Games
Video games are a popular form of entertainment in today’s society. People of every age play video games during their spare time, whether it is on console or computer. Video games now come in the form of millions of different categories and titles. Video game companies will do anything possible so that each game appeals to its audience. This makes a strong connection between people and video games. Video games are known to be time consuming and addicting. Games are also designed to be enjoyable for hours and have some sort of replay value. It causes people to excessively play video games and result in negative side effects. Excessively playing video games cause ...view middle of the document...

Instead of being physically able to interact with people, gamers often type what they want to say inside in-game chat rooms. This causes gamers to become accustomed to typing as the main way of communicating with people, instead of talking in person. A lack of communication ruins relationships with family and friends. I have personal experiences with this situation. For example, I would have friends and family come over for a party or get-together and I would just stay in my room, close the door, and be focused only on the game. It also causes me to constantly ignore my phone and miss important notifications or opportunities to socialize with friends. Video games has also caused relationship problems with my girlfriend. Only one game was able to completely change my social life and my personality. More severe examples of this can be found within the professional gaming communities. “Professional” League of Legends player, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, explained his experiences of a ruined relationship with his mother over the game. Peng and his mother were arguing over his decisions as a professional gamer, and how he had been ignoring her and the rest of his family. This resulted in his mother confiscating his cell phone, Doublelift being kicked out and becoming homeless, and ultimately asking the gaming community for help (Doublelift). His gaming affected his relationship with his mother and even escalated to other problems. This all occurred during his “first year of college at University of California, Irvine” (Doublelift). These events were results of a lack of interaction and communication.
There are people who claim that video games actually give people opportunities to interact with others and be “social”. For example, people are able to get together and play video games. Multiplayer video games are purposely made for socialization. Examples of multiplayer video games that promote socialization are Just Dance, Rock Band, and Mario Party. These games usually allow two to four players to participate. It is similar to playing board games such as Monopoly and Pictionary. Multiplayer games that promote socialization are commonly found at parties as a form of entertainment. Online video games are also allow people to interact with each other and socialize. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs, are one of the most popular games that allow interaction. MMOs are popular among teenagers/young adults. MMOs allow a person to control a character and interact with other characters or people. MMOs usually consist of millions of players and allow players to constantly work/play together. Players are required to join clans or guilds in order to progress. It is true that certain video games promote socialization, but only to a certain extent. People at parties are usually already socializing and video games are just used as entertainment. Also, people are not always partying. This makes single-player games the preferred type of...

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