The Impact Of Violent Video Games On Young Minds.

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“Budda...Budda...Budda!” Bryce and Louis are finishing a game of Grand Theft Auto V. Have you realized how realistic video games have gotten? Or, how it can affect people? Theres ways to prevent violence from video games. Also, research has been done by high talked about researchers. If only parents looked at the video games content rating. Violent video games have desensitized boys and men to violence. Most violence created by 14-16 year olds came from video games.

Violence is rough or injurious force(Kerstetter). Shootings and murders and real life violence and there all caused by something. Whether its revenge or if the person can't desensitize real life from a movie/video game. Violence can become a huge problem. Too much violence can lead to more deaths and killings. If we can stop violence or at least have less violence the world would be a safer,prettier place.

Teens,kids,and adults can be affected by video games. Mostly teens and kids can be affected because adults don't really play video games. “Researchers generally believe that people with psychopathic tendencies can at least be affected by video game violence”(Kerstetter). These are the people we would normally think to not give a gun or knife to. People with these tendencies can be affected the easiest, but that doesn't mean other “normal” kids won't be affected either. Anyone can be affected it just matters how obsessed you are with what you're watching or playing.

Counseling would be the best for dealing with violence. It would help the people that need it deal with there problems. Once they had counseling they should work out a schedule to play video game less and go outside more. So that they can see the real world and get fresh air instead of staring at a screen for hours and hours, looking at a fake game world. To prevent some of the violence in the world they probably shouldn't sell violent video games to anyone people with psychopathic tendencies, or letting people with these tendencies have anything to do with violence in general. Preventing violence will save lives and make more birthdays in the world.

When Parents buy video games for their kids they never look at the games content rating. As in, Black Ops content rating is Teen 13 and up. I know boys that are 8-10 and are playing this game. Even though they really shouldn’t be playing this kind of game thats why they have a content rating. Another game underaged kids play is Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto V has a content rating of Mature 17 and up. There are kids that are 11,12,13,14, and even 15 year olds that play this game. They should not being even watching this game because it reveals the kids to drugs and lots of other adult things. This game can lead kids to drug and alcohol use. This is why parents should look at games content ratings.

A 15-year-old kid, from New Mexico, killed his parents and three younger siblings. “Reports say the kid...

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