The Impact Of Walmart On A Community

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Whether it's a brand new 59” LCD widescreen television or merely a pack of gum, each purchase you make from a Walmart store inadvertently results in a higher price paid; both within your community as well as the greater world around you. Relying entirely upon you-the ever consuming scavenger – to fuel the bustling utopia of the manufacturing industry, exists Walmart. More importantly, Walmart relies upon the oblivion towards matters outside of our own lives that we as society generally project. However, by looking past our own greed in a world full of price cuts and sales, we can expose Walmart for what it truly is; an entirely corrupt corporation feeding off of countries' vulnerabilities and reaping the benefits.

In a world scattered with millions upon millions of Walmart locations, one might ask the question-how can one small, insignificant Walmart affect me? The answer is-a lot! Perhaps the most impacting consequence of society's acceptance of a Walmart within their community lies within the drainage and leeching of the economy. Take the San Francisco Bay for instance, the prolonged construction costs alone, cost the city 256 million dollars in additional costs, not to mention the insane amount of fuel consumed by consumers commuting to the new store location. As if that weren't bad enough, that very same Walmart that caused such tedious amounts of grief, tedious amounts of extra time, money and fuel was relocated outside of the area within 2 years-leaving the surrounding land destroyed and devoid of life. But what about the Walmart's within the community that aren't being relocated? How are they hazardous then? Well, the answer is the same type of concept as a lion guarding its' kill from the surrounding wildlife. By means of intimidation a lion is able to successfully scare off potential threats merely by its ferocious and dominating demeanor. In very much the same way Walmart is poised as the lion where we- substituted into the equation-are its' prey; existing solely to instill energy and fuel the power hungry lion that Walmart consists of. Replacing the surrounding wildlife are the small businesses that originated and had once prospered within the community; now starving and unsuccessfully surviving off of the scraps of leftover business Walmart so graciously provides. Perhaps your favourite bakery or coffee shop suddenly, out of nowhere was closed down briefly after the opening of a Walmart in the nearby vicinity. Now you know why.

Not only does Walmart directly affect the economical situation of your community, it also puts significant strain upon the environment we live and depend on. In October of 2004, North America sued Walmart for violating the Clean Water Act CWA in nine states, causing a huge uproar both from the defensive Walmart corporation...

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