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The Impact Of Word Of Mouth In Influencing Purchasing Behavior Of Utar Kampar Students

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The world is against the idea of Nestle using palm oil in their product which causes the killing of orang utans. Greenpeace changed their homepage to a Kit Kat logo which happens to be a mock-up approach. The reason being is to inform their online visitors to stop Nestle from destroying rainforests to gain palm oil and also to write to the CEO through its website. Due to this act, some Facebook users change their profile pictures cooperating with the mock up which displays Nestle Killer instead of Kit Kat
Now, Nestle clearly does not have an experienced spokesperson as their leader or even a crisis management to solve the case. It is clearly absent from the Nestle Facebook fan page. Moreover, Nestle did not have a proper decision making to handle this situation in a professional and practical manner. Instead, they chose to be ignorant and they took this matter emotionally. They told YouTube to remove the mocked videos about them as well as the administrator of this Facebook account used a very hostile approach as well as the usage of sarcasm towards their curious yet potential consumers. In addition, whoever is handling the Swiss Headquarters also replied in a very rude manner to one of the Facebook commenter. This raged more commenters on Facebook.
Even the UK Press office also assured that the Swiss HQ handles the social media account. There is a commenter by the name of Helen Constable mentioned that no one with such atrocious attitude should be the spokesperson of Nestle and another commenter told that they should get a new PR officer. It is like any other case of a company trying its best protect and secure their image in the eye of the social media but failed miserably by trying to impose rules and censorship on free platform which is beyond control.

There a few screenshots of Nestle nasty comments in Facebook on how they replied to their consumers. Moreover, TechEye tried contacting the Swiss HQ to talk about this issue but there weren’t any reply from them. This doesn’t help Nestle one bit to beat their image as an irresponsible company.

Based on the way Nestle handled the issue during crisis, it reflects on how Nestle culture is. Nod out that Nestle is an international company and has good recognition globally, during this crisis; Nestle practiced the closed system approach. This is because they did not defend themselves well and they did not accept criticisms from others openly. So this shows that Nestle only does direct communication where feedbacks from the external environment are not taken into consideration, Moreover, they are ignorant and they have the lackadaisical instilled in them. They told that they’ll accept only positive comments and delete the negative ones. Besides, the headquarters ignored calls when they were asked about this...

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