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The Impact Of World Hunger On Poverty

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1: The social problem I decided to do research upon was world hunger and its impact on poverty. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 were initially created by Obama to end the recession. When this policy was introduced it focused mainly on ensuring that Americas could economically bounce back from this recession, mainly the low-income families that were the most devastated by this. However, after this policy was successful it started to grow. It helped increase jobs, helped with healthcare; also it created a program to address the problem of world hunger. This program was called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program. Since the resources needed to provide for ideal agriculture conditions are diminishing, genetic engineering of food is the best option. As this program is heavily funded and approved by the government, it is on a path to fix all the glitches of genetic engineering. The world hunger situation is a big one, because resources needed are on a decline as the need grows. By advancing this technology, it will help the community not go hungry, by helping low income families as well others to save money, by turning their regular habits (consuming food), into a more environmentally sufficient method. Genetic engineering is projected to be cheaper and as healthy, if so even healthier than normal farming will eventually help low income families to put food on their table. To conclude, this policy was created to make America more efficient, and avoid the end of any resource whether it is money or food. The work this policy is doing to advance technology will help lower costs, and will still fulfill the resources the common family needs.

2: This policy was created by Obama to end the recession, as well as come up with alternatives to run things more efficiently. The success this policy has had entails job growth, which was essential to end the recession. Also, to help those in need to get food stamps easier. Also, after Obama looked at the situations which needed emergency attention, he looked at problems more wide spread. The ARRA policy he introduced created many programs that would ensure that America would not run out of clean and environmentally friendly resources. By using genetic engineering, this policy is fighting the world hunger situation, and coming up with a solution that does not leave America in a recession again. This policy mainly focuses on low-income families; Americans who do not have or cannot afford healthcare, and Americans as a whole when it comes down to providing sufficient resources to ensure the nation does not go hungry. Every American fits into the services that are enhanced by this policy, besides illegal immigrants. As Obama and this policy fight the short-term goal of ending poverty, it keeps its long-term goals on the same path. The long-term goal being to produce clean resources by perfecting genetic engineering. By achieving success on the short-term goals of ending poverty, it will give...

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