The Impact Of World War Ll On America

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World War ll was an infamous event in history that will be remembered by many
generations to come. The beginning of this tragic war all began here, in America, when we were
finally pushed into action by the Japanese. In this essay we will take a closer look at the events
and views of the people of both the America and Japan the, reactions, and actions taken due to
the devastating attack that started it all.
On December 7th, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked. The heart stopping attack
devastated thousands and brought the United States to a screeching halt. The Japanese were
growing impatient with America as a result of Japan growing thirsty for power. Our two countries
were on a path towards war, it was inevitable, Japan had developed a troublesome attitude
toward China which did not sit well with the United States which created political tension
between the two countries.
The Japanese Emperor wanted to expand his power and his land into neighboring lands.
He intended to take over countries and gain control of the impor market. The emperor believed
that by seizing land in china and acquiring their natural resources would grant Japan the
economic independence they wanted. The U.S didn’t agree with this greedy decision at all, they
responded by battering Japan’s economic sanctions. They believed that if they cut off the supply
to the Japanese they would not have the means to expand or order attacks.
This only motivated the Japanese to move forward with their plans, but by doing this we
didn’t know we had just made ourselves Japans first target. The U.S continued trying to reason
with Japan but by now it was too late. Japanese spies had been sent to Pearl Harbor to gather
intel on the base’s guard, the location of the battleships and aircraft being held there. at the time
Pearl Harbor was holding almost the entire pacific fleet which was moored around ford island,
and was overflowing with planes on the airfield.The spies from Japan were sent to get exact
locations on the airfield and the battleships in the harbor.
After the intel was gathered a group of Japanese military pilots were ordered to fly to
Pearl harbor and destroy all they could with the bombs they were given. This attack was
completely unpredictable. It seemed an obvious choice that Japan would first begin by attacking
the smaller European colonies and smaller provinces near by. Pearl Harbor is located in Hawaii
which is only 4,000 miles away making the decision seem very untactical and inconvenient to
attack there first. By the end of the attack 18 ships and 300 airplanes were destroyed, 2,500 men
were killed and 1,000 were wounded.
These are simply just the events in chronological order to the event of the attack on Pearl
Harbor but the post effect goes much deeper. The reactions of the people from both nations was
a reaction that would change the way people looked at their countries forever. America was
thrown into a time of change.
America immediately responded by jumping into the war...

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