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The Impact Of World Wars On Literature

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World wars made a magnificent impact on society. This impact developed a new approach of art, literature, philosophy and religion. For literature, it created a new genre of it about the war. Therefore, the wars had a big affect on the genre and style of novels that became published. Most of what was published then was about the war and it's affects. Authors were disappointed by the experience of war and, although they did not write directly about the war, their writing reflects an anti-authoritarianism that derives from their experiences. Literature has changed to be as we know it today, from the beginning of World War I to the end or World War II.
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During this time, not only the emotion and feeling present in the poems and novels changed, but also writers of the time began experimenting with new literary techniques. In terms of style and content, they showed and represented a sharp break in the literature of the past, and began the type of literature we see today.
In the aftermath of the war many participants published their personal diaries and memoirs. Novels conveyed the authors concern of the horror of the war and the hopelessness of society. The sharp break, which happened with the style of poetry, also happened with novels, romantic clichés were abandoned and became replaced by the truthful, real, extreme realism, or very complex symbolism style. In one aspect, WWI created a breed of war veterans who wrote about their perils and victories in poems. The war also bred American war veteran poets as well. These poets would express the horrors they saw and the brutality they were observing in poetry form. In addition to poetry, fighters also started using journalism as well to record what they experienced.
In all, WWI changed literature from a fictional, hopeful writing to a true and overwhelming shock. Fears about cultural decay, and civilization were the keywords of literary reviews at that time. It inspired many poems, journals, books, and really changed the mindset of writing in the early 1900's.
While the First World War made such significant impact on literature, the Second World War enhanced that impact. Post World War II literature...

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