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The Impact On America Of Turkish, Greek And Italian Immigrants And Their Respective Cultures

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The Impact on America of Turkish, Greek and Italian Immigrants and Their Respective Cultures

My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Godfather, The Italian Job, Roberto Benigni, Mario Andretti, Frank Capra, spaghetti, gelato, Turkish baths.? What do all of these have in common?? All of them are well known parts of American culture, yet they have all been influenced and inspired by Italian, Greek, and Turkish immigrants and their respective cultures.? Because America is a melting pot of cultures, it is understandable that each participating culture brings its own unique flavor to the mix.? Three of the most evident portions of American society, entertainment, food, and religion are also probably the three portions most affected by the infusion of new immigrants and culture.? This influence is especially evident when the immigrants concerned hail from the countries of Turkey, Italy, and Greece.? Their impact is wide reaching and long-lasting.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the fifth highest grossing movie in the US in 2002, and is the highest grossing independent movie ever.? The only movies that brought in more money were all special effects intensive such as Spider-Man, The Lord of The Rings:? The Two Towers, and Star Wars:? Episode Two.? My Big Fat Greek Wedding instead focused on the simple story of a Greek woman falling in love with a non-Greek man and the way in which they attempt to blend their very different backgrounds.? Nia Vardalos, the writer and star of the movie, is the descendent of Greek immigrants and clearly applied her own cultural background and experience to the movie. Audiences learned how most Greek children in America attend Greek school, Greek families are very close, and that there is an expectation for Greeks to marry other Greeks.? This movie enabled audiences to see what growing up in a culturally based family in America is like.? In addition, the mere existence of the movie can be credited to Rita Wilson, whose mother is Greek, and who encouraged her husband Tom Hanks to produce the film.? This movie has become a part of American pop-culture and is just one example of how immigrants and their culture influence American society.

Yet another foreign culture centered movie is The Godfather.? The director and co-writer of this movie, Francis Ford Coppola was raised in an Italian-American family and his continuing heritage is evident in his filmmaking.? The Godfather is all about the supreme importance of family loyalty, which is often one of the most noted qualities of Italian-American families.?? This film and the subsequent two that complete the Godfather trilogy have become American movie classics.? In fact, the Internet Movie Database reports that The Godfather is the number one rated movie among its users.? The endearing success of these movies gives support to the fact that immigrants and their culture are extremely influential.

The Turkish influence on American entertainment is less obvious,...

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