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The Impact On American Culture Islam And Judaism Tennessee State University And Religion In America Compare And Contrast

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Savage 4
Gavin Savage
3301 Religion in America
Prof. Bowie
4th Day of 2017
Nation of Islam and Judaism
Core beliefs one could explore to discover similarities shared between Judaism and Islam are vastly highlighted. Both are monotheistic and are opposed to the belief of worship in that, there is more than one God. Shared observances such as Saviour’s Day for Black Muslims and Yon Kippur for Jews are widely celebrated. For Islam and Judaism, specific areas worship is practiced and doors are open for its true believers. Though there are many beliefs held in common between these two religions, in contrast, what differences depict The Nation of Islam as having a rather bizarre theology on Black superiority? While Judaism is widely understood as being one of the oldest religions on earth, who is the individual ranking the Nation of Islam as this racist anti-Semitic hate group? They question has yet to be answered and as a cultural movement founded on the principles of self-advocacy, re-programming the minds of the black man and woman out of their state of mental depravity has been the mission. The Nation of Islam is The Religion for The Blackman and woman of North America and here is why.
The Nation of Islam was founded 87 years ago in North America on the 4th day of July, 1930 in Detroit, Michigan. Membership is estimated to be somewhere between 20,000 and 50,000 believers. Organizational Structure determines how roles and responsibilities are assigned at different levels required for management, together those who fulfill these assigned roles perform important tasks required to carry out the agenda of man. In Judaism the spiritual leader is considered a Rabbi who teaches the word of God. For Islam in America, the appointed successor of the late Minister Elijah Muhammed for the Nation of Islam is Minister Louis Farrakhan. Separatism is advocated due to the enslavement of black people, who for 400 years where held in bondage to slave owners colonizing nearly the entire land of North America. Those who brought Islam to America were Moors expelled from Spain who made their way to the Caribbean and into the U.S. as early as the 16th century. Many African slaves during this time were Muslims which roughly made up for 15 percent of the population. However, maintaining their sovereign rule was difficult and many converted to Christianity to avoid castration or even death during slavery. The estimated population of Muslims living in America today varies and at the start of the 20th century immigrants from the Middle East particularly Southeast Asia came to America for greater economic opportunity. It was during this time that Arab communities began to develop and mosques were built with respect to the Nation of Islam.
The manifestation for Islam in America today align beliefs with practices in which indoctrinate many who follow the divine teachings in scripture understanding that the Blackman of North America is the personification of god. Nation of Islam...

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