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The Impact Video Games Have On Children And Teens

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Did you know playing video games helps children with their education? A good video game will teach problem solving, math, history, or anything else a parent wants their children to learn. Children that play video games are more educational than those that do not play video games. In this paper you will experience the positive and negative impact video games have on children and teens.
Even though playing video games can sometimes be educational; it causes laziness. Instead of children reading a book, or going outside to play, they would rather stay in the house and play video games. This is what causes some kids to be obese because not all games involve physical activity. Some kids get use to playing video games and actually don’t have any time to go outside, or any physical activity at all because they get so accustomed to playing video games and being in the house all day.
Video games can be very educational, but also violent. This is a known fact. On April 20, 1999 two seniors walked in Colorado High with two assault rifles, and they opened fire they killed dozens of people, twelve students and one teacher; it came out the shooters had spent a lot of time playing videogames. Playing video games can be very exciting but dangerous at the same time; people seem to play video games thinking that it would have no effect on them but there wrong. Violent video games probably influence people into doing certain things that they probably think that they can get away with, or the right thing to do because a person was evil or bad.
Playing video games develop hand-eye coordination. Possessing the ability to work both your hands and eyes together can certainly prove to be useful in many situations. Playing video games give children the ability to multi task to actually finish a game without putting that much effort into it, but this also helps in reality. In life you are going to face multiple challenges; video games can actually help you with some of these challenges like you having to use your hand and eyes at the same time you would already have that down because your experience with it you had playing video games.
Video games boost visual skills playing action video games like Call of duty and Bio Shock Infinite helps gamers detect minute changes in visual contrast and motion, track multiple objects more efficiently, and process visual information. This skill gives them the ability to extract information from a visual scene. Video games help...

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