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The Impacts Of Adoption Essay

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The Impacts of Adoption
On March 28, 1990, the agonizing screams of a seven-teen year old mother echo throughout the halls of Ingham County Hospital. After nine extensive months, at 4:35 a.m. a healthy brown-haired and brown-eyed baby girl is born weighing merely seven pounds, eleven ounces.
Thus, begins my story, I am the child of the teenage mother. Since birth, I resided with my grandparents, and on June 12, 1995, my grandparents legally adopted me. I believe adoption is a wonderful opportunity for children of unwary parents to receive nurturing support from an adoptive family, to receive better health insurance, and to obtain superior education opportunities. In addition, the adoptive parents become able to raise a child since he or she is incapable naturally. Furthermore, the adoptive parents receive the opportunity for his and her family to expand.
Currently there are over 100,000 children residing in foster care within the United States who are available for adoption and each year at the age of eighteen 23,000 children become ineligible to continue residing in foster care (National Adoption Day, n.d.). Hence, only 77% of children in foster care are provided the opportunity to be nurtured by an adoptive family.
Once, the child is in the welfare system, adoption begins to affect the child psychologically resulting in emotional and social issues which includes, low self-esteem, feelings of loss, abandonment, and loss of identity. Consequently, the child suffers from behavioral issues such as anger, aggression, resentment, and depression towards the biological mother and the adopting family. As well as seclusion from social activities which he or she may encounter (Adoption Services, n.d.).
Furthermore, younger children experience a more rapid healing process since he or she did not reside in the foster care as long. Whereas older children who experienced foster care longer which do not manage psychological issues appropriately, may intimidate the potential family. Resulting in, the decrease of adoption for older children because more families are adopting infants and pre-teens.
The first benefit of adoption for the child includes receiving nurturing support from the adoptive family. Therefore, the adoptive family can assist the child to understand though he or she resides in a foster home the biological mother still cares for him or her (American Adoption, n.d.). In addition, adoption demonstrates the biological mother’s sacrifice knowing she would be incapable of providing the child essentials which he or she deserves and needs. However, adoption meant the biological mother would not be as engaged in the child’s life. Thus, the adoptive family eases the child’s ache of loss and abandonment.
Similarly, growing up I too suffered from abandonment and depression issues. In spite of, my birth mother being closely engaged in my life, I was unable to comprehend why I could not be amongst my birth mother. Particularly later on, as my birth...

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