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The Effects Of Child Abuse Essay

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Child abuse is the physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child. This ferocious act is happening to thousands of children behind closed doors all around the world. The abusers feel a sense of power when participating in the abuse but show nothing but weakness by using their violence against the innocence of a child. It is a violent, disturbing, and vicious criminal act that often leads to terrible outcomes including academic, criminal, emotional, and physical problems. These problems can occur as long term or short term effects.
Chikpe Winfred Okeke states, “Abusive and neglectful families, because of poverty, tend to ignore their children's educational needs and requirements.” When these needs and requirements are ignored, the children are not able to reach their full potential in school, which could not only lead to acting out but stand in their way of achieving academic success. Although some abuse victims may be able to surpass this statistic and succeed in their education without the help of their abusers, some are not that lucky. Studies show that kids from non-abusive homes have a better chance at academic success as opposed to the victims of abuse. Okeke says, “The analyzed data revealed that the non-abused and non-neglected children performed much better in all four academic subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.” Therefore, there is no doubt that abuse has an effect on a child’s education. It is not only cruel to abuse your child, but to deprive them of the education that molds them into the humans they are, is just blatantly selfish. Every individual should have the chance to learn, experience, and prosper from the education they are provided. Although this effect is indeed, harmful, there are much more serious effects that child abuse leads to.
Child abuse tends to be a trend set by the abusers and passed on to the victims. This can lead to the victim becoming the offender or leading them to participate in other criminal acts. The increase in criminal activity can be due to the anger from their childhood or maybe even the lack of knowledge of anything else. When you grow up in an abusive home, you are exposed to criminal acts, and therefore victims tend to repeat what they know. Abigal Fagan stated, “Most empirical evidence of the cycle of violence has been retrospective, with adult criminal offenders reporting maltreatment. These studies tend to demonstrate a very strong correlation between childhood maltreatment and adult offending, with as many as two-thirds of criminals reporting childhood physical or sexual victimization.” Her statement clarifies that a great amount of victims of child abuse become criminal offenders. I do believe this is true, because it is a vicious cycle, but I also believe that abuse victims can be living testimonies and eventually help future victims. The cycle can be broken, but it takes the strength and perseverance of the victim to achieve a better future than...

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