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The Impacts Of Homeschooling On Interpersonal Skills Among Unversity Students

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2.5 Impacts of Homeschooling on Interpersonal Skills
There are quite numbers of studies related to interpersonal skills and socialization of homeschooling children including the positive impacts and also the negative impacts. According to Hatter (n.d.), homeschooling children are often expose to a various situations and people throughout educational activities by their parents. Thus, homeschoolers actually gain very essential experiences by interacting with adults and children from different ages that can prepare the homeschoolers for the reality world (Hatter, n.d.).
Homeschoolers also involve in many activities outside their home as many as 5.2 each week such as field trips, scouting, ...view middle of the document...

One of it is Dena Crawford (2009), by saying that “I was one of these home schooled children, and my social development was damaged by homeschooling. The church groups and sports I participated in were insufficient to prepare me for successfully interacting in my peer group and society as a whole.” She also mentioned that there are no government regulation to specify what type of social experiences and amount of social that a homeschooler need.
Most of the time, homeschooling children interacts with their parents or tutor rather than interact with other children of their age and this might result the children to be socially awkward because they have been isolated from their peers (Blau, n.d.). Thus, they might not develop communication skills and will not know how to communicate in a group (Blau, n.d.). Homeschoolers will also miss out activities such as cheerleading, prom night and sports team. Most importantly, they missed out the chance to interact with people from different culture, ethic and family backgrounds (Blau, n.d.).
2.6 Theories
The first theory that can relate to this research study is social exchange theory. The definition of social exchange theory is “a process of cost-benefit analyses between parties” (Fournier, n.d.). “Social exchange theory (SET) is among the most influential conceptual paradigms for understanding workplace behavior and its venerable roots can be traced back to at least the 1920s” (Cropanzano & Mitchell, 2005). In short, this theory explains why employee go for the company that offer higher salary rather than the lower salary. In this research study, this theory can be apply in why parents choose homeschooling rather than sending their children to institutional school. Parents can choose between homeschooling and public school for their children and in this case, parents are choosing homeschooling because homeschooling offers much more flexibility in many aspect so that parents can customize their educating system themselves. Thus, children can actually learn better by choosing the best learning method for them.
The second theory is symbolic interaction theory. It is a theory by Herbert Blumer that gives the meaning of a “process of interaction in the formation of meanings for individuals” (Nelson, 1998). In this research study, symbolic interaction theory can be apply on why parents do not want to send their children to public school. The main reason is to prevent their children from negative influences in result of peer pressure. The simple example of peer pressure is smoking. When a teenager was asked to smoke by his friend, he will most likely to accept it even though he knows smoking is bad for health. However, he will symbolize smoking is “cool” among his friends and ignore the fact that smoking is bad.

As conclusion, there are many reasons of why parents choose to homeschool their children. There are also many point of view about homeschooling including the positive view and negative view that are...


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