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One of the few reasons as to why national geographic has achieved its fame is due to the various advertisements it had brought up within their magazines. Such advertisements have brought in a large audience of men within their 20’s to 30’s who are daring and are willing to go the extra mile just to take a picture and also to the audiences who care about the environment. One such advertisement which was published in the month of May 2014 had grabbed the attention of many people by the words “Wildlife as cannon sees it”. The advertisement explains about a certain species of birds that live in the forests of japan and talks about how endangered they are in the current world. This advertisement ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, the information within the advertisement can to be another core factor. The information held in the paragraphs are highly pathos and want to bring an emotional and ethical feeling into the crowd. We could say that cannon have tried to sell their product indirectly through mere sympathy which was grabbed by the people. As quoted in the advertisement “As cannon sees it, images have the power to raise awareness of the threats facing the endangered species and the natural environment, helping us make the world a better place.” This very statement tries to push in ethos into the audiences by making them feel like images actually have an impact on the environment. The statement has put in a certain feeling into the people which would make them want to buy their products and try saving the world with just images which have been taken in the wild. They have also put up factual information about the environment and have tried to support the fact that they are truly willing to support the cause for nature by sharing their knowledge about the bird. With these numbers put up, the readers have the surety that the advertisers aren’t trying to scam them into buying a product that is inferior to the quality they truly seek. The words “wildlife as cannon sees it” quoted from the advertisement tries to bring up reasoning within the mind of the people that the advertisers have a sense of what they have been through to find the information and how they wish to spread their knowledge with the people. Thus we can say that Information has been manipulated well within this advertisement and can really bring about a lot of buyers for the firm.

Thirdly, another factor for appeal has to be the various colors and images that have been crafted into the advertisement to grab attention. The picture of the bird that stands innocently on a branch of a tree and goes by its daily routine would seem like a perfect image to bring about the thought of nature into a person’s mind. Images are one of the key factors for the advertisers as they are hoping to sell the product that grabs images. The image of the bird is at the...

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