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The Effects Of Learning Culture On Creativity Through Various Contexts

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The effects of learning culture on creativity through various contexts
Recent studies in multiculturalism has revealed that the exposure to a mixture of cultures or hybrids cultures can improve an individuals’ creativity, cognitive processes and assist with idea flexibility that are applicable to everyday problem solving. It has however though, been recognised that these multicultural experiences could be learnt in several other ways. Vital research in this field include experiments on direct influence culture on creative and cognitive ability (Leung and Chiu, 2008), learning within cultural or multicultural context (Maddux et al., 2010), cross cultural creativity (Kharkhurin & Motalleebi, 2008) but these conflict with similar research performed suggesting that there is perhaps less influence as hypothesised (Westwood & Low 2003).
Employment of various creativity tasks such as the selection of presents, creative writing task and the selection task of different scholarly writings support the claim that when culture is learnt through different mediums such as a video or through life experiences that they could provide various degrees of influence on the individuals’ creativity (Leung & Chiu, 2010). The correlation found their research between their multicultural survey and the application of creativity also brought the concept of how some individuals may learn about other cultures alone for a study or by other means through another person such as a tour guide in an overseas trip. Their work was relatively conclusive but failed to separate and identify the different individual effects in which how culture was learned could influence creativity.
This experiments attempts to identify the difference between how multicultural aspects are learnt and how they influence our degree of creativity. Similar to research on done on the influence of culture on creativity under several different time and context constraints (Leung et al., 2008), this research focuses on the effects on creativity due to change in personal learning methods rather than situational. The experiment also examines the difference in creativity through altered learning experiences and it is predicted that individuals that learn about a different culture from someone of that culture compared to other variations.
It has been stated that the “exact nature of the impact (of culture on creativity) is hard to determine…because quality evidence is scarce” (Robert & Low, 2003). However research comparing American to Russian and Iranian cultured individuals has yielded greater creative performance shown in Western cultured participants (Kharkhurin & Motalleebi, 2008). This could be due to their sociocultural factors which support more multicultural interaction with foreigners and tourism than their Iranian Eastern counterparts. Comparisons between participants multicultural learning instigated better results in a Remote Associates Test than within culture learning in...

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