The Effects Of Television On Stress

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The television, ever since it was released, was shown as a bad influence for many people. This does is not the case. The television is a major factor in increasing the amount of happiness in one’s life.
The television was not actually ever made by a single person, But different inventors who contributed to its creation all over the entire world over a long period of time. The first major discovery for the creation of the TV was in the year 1873, when Louis May and Willoughby Smith in England found that electrical conductivity of the element Selenium is increased by light. In the year 1880 French investigators found that the only way to transmit pictures you had to scan them (“Television” T-126). John Logie Baird from England and C. Francis Jenkins form the United States made first public demonstrations of the TV in 1925 (“How Television Is Made”).
C. Francis Jenkins sent moving images while working on his experiment in the year 1925, by 1931 he had set up experimental stations in New York and Washington D.C.(“How Television Is Made”). In the year 1884 a long time before this, Paul Nipkow in Germany had invented the revolving perforated disk required to transmit the images. He was not the only one, A. A. Cambell-Swinton and a Russian, Boris Rosing, independently suggested to use a cattode-ray tube to electronically reproduce TV images. Before World War One the TV was just a theory not even thought of being a possibility. In the year 1936 TV broadcasts were possible due to the mechanical scanning system invented by John Logie Baird (“Television” T-127). The foundation of the TV was laid out by the all-electronic system, made by two men named Farnsworth and Zworykin. In order for a TV to even function correctly it needs several components that all link together and work together to make it happen (“How Television Is Made”).
The TV is a wonderful and useful invention, but it takes a lot to make it work. During the TV era all of the inventors that had contributed to its creation only found two ways of making a TV work. The first way which required Paul Vipkow’s invention of the revolving perforated disk is mechanical scanners. Then demonstrated by Philo T. Farnsworth was the electronic system which was laid down for all of our TVs foundation till this day. All of the inventors that worked on this invention used their own method of making each of these and some succeeded and most failed (“Television” T-127).
There are still more components that are needed in order to even begin any of these methods of laming a TV. The four main components though to make one are an exterior or housing, audio reception, speakers, picture tube, and a complicated mass of electronics including an antenna and cable. Even these components need parts to work. For instance, the exterior needs plastic and other wiring. The picture tube is made of precision made glass , fluorescent chemical coating, and electronically attachments at the rear and around the...

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