The Impatient Generation Essay

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With the beginning of man, it can be assumed that there was time; a form of assessment in which the sun dictated how long one could remain outside, safe, and able to hunt or gather food for the night. Time is a man-made element that has orchestrated exactly what humanity does and when. It chooses what is eaten and how people act throughout the day. Time is the essence of living, and without it; there is death. However, today it is observed that the constraints time has often provided are slowly withering away as an age of impatience and everlasting dominion take place.
It can be found that the people who encountered the First World War and the Second World War are dying, and in this ...view middle of the document...

Attention is short, and the lines must be shorter. This is today, the newest born generation who’re expected to live the longest; want to approach the daily activities that life demands in the shortest amount of time possible. An oxymoron in social living and existence, however such living has exacted great change to the way the world functions- both new and old.
As it can be observed, everything in terms of service, has been greatly shortened for the convenience of little work and little wait. Because of this, the effect of ever growing impatience has taken a toll on the process of which food is manufactured and consumed. In fact, during the 1930’s corn, for example, could be harvested in a nine-hour work day to produce 100 bushels. Whereas today, in a nine-hour work day, 81,000 bushels can be produced. *(citation) Although this appears to be a great innovation, this enhanced production rate is the prime instigator in obesity and shortcomings in the quality of food. As corn is produced at a faster rate, the price of it becomes much lower and it results in a wider variety of foods that it can be made into. It is not only being fed to humans, but the fast and cheap rates corn provides has influenced cattle farming additionally.
Cows, which are natural grass feeders, are being now fed corn so that they may be fattened and slaughtered at a faster rate as well. Not only does the increased need for production of food affect farmers and livestock negatively, as neither are properly cared for; but the leading cause of death in America, according to CDC, is heart disease. Heart disease is typically...

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