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In this past year of international news, there has been much conflict that has risen in the community. One incident that has been more recent is the invasion of Crimea, Ukraine, by Russian Forces. The key actors in this conflict are Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, EU, U.S., and NATO. Russia is the aggressor in this situation by being very persistence in seizing Crimea as Russian territory. The tension started when Ukraine was deciding if they were going to join the European Union. Russia had felt threatened by this proposal because it was loosing its hold in Europe. As some of the Ukrainian citizens living in Crimea were ethically Russian, many of those living there supported the idea of ...view middle of the document...

Individually, one can say that Putin was one of the main instigators. He had declared publically the annexation of Crimea ("First principles”). He also said that he would use military coercion if necessary. Domestically, the uprising in Ukraine is what caused the ball to roll. As Ukraine had their president removed as he fled, it opened the door to instability. During this time of despair, Russia was able to manipulate Crimea into rejoining Russia. Systemically, it is all the key actors that have taken part of this international dispute. The U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, and EU member states all have had a role. As Russia has Crimea now, the U.S. and the Group of 8 have sanctions for now and have placed power behind more stressful sanctions towards the Russian economy if Putin pushes into Ukraine anymore (Smale).
This situation has created turmoil in Crimea. Realism is based off the idea of an anarchic international system. In a system that lacks a global government body to govern all, it is the states that control the fate of the world and must act as individuals. As one can look at a state, they care about their own wellbeing over other countries. These countries are focused in protecting its own self-interest to maintain itself with security to back its sovereignty and ensure survival. Countries with power are those that control everything in this theory; having resources means power and the ability to pursuit of their interests. Those with strong capabilities such as political as well as military and economic are at the heart of this theory. Reflecting off of what realism is, Russia is trying to demonstrate its military power, but it is lacking in political stability in Crimea through Russia. In MacFarquahar’s article, he states that Russia is in a state of confusion. Putin may have seized an opportunity to gain Crimea, but it is harder to establish law and order throughout this new region. Beyond political stability, there are “self-defense units” (MacFarquahar) that are giving inspections while targeting those that are against the ideals of the Russian government.
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