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The Imperative Of Health, Public Health And The Regulated Body By Deborah Lupton

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AR&V Part 2 Book review
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This book review is meant for academics or students who are interested in the history of public health, the risks in public health, the use of mass media in public health and the responses of individuals about public health. The academics and students who want to think critically about these components of public health, should read this review to check whether this book appeals to them or not. They are my audience because this book is a really good book to conduct information and it is an easily understandable book, which is nice for students. I want to publish this book review in the ‘European Journal of ...view middle of the document...

Deborah Lupton describes the development of practices and knowledge of public health in societies and explains how this relates to the relation between an individual and the society. These developments and relations are examined in the history of public health, the ‘new’ public health, the central discourses of risk in public health, the use of mass media and marketing strategies in public health and responses of individuals.
‘The imperative of health’ highlights that everyone who is involved in the development and the promoting of public health has a lot influence on other people’s lives, so they have enormous power. Only when this power is used appropriately, public health will be used at the long term. Everyone who is interested in public health and is wondering why employees in public health are affecting people individually should read this book.
‘The imperative of health’ is directed towards highly educated people, such as students or academics. It is an accessible book since the writing style is not very difficult. It is not hard to understand the book, but the writing style is very informative and descriptive. There is for example much information about the history of public health. This descriptive approach could be seen as a strength of the book, because the information is very structured. After describing situations, Deborah Lupton criticizes these situations and this makes the structure very clear. This informative and descriptive style could also be seen as a weakness of the book, because some information is so precise it could be regarded as slow or boring.
Relation to existing literature
Deborah Lupton argues that too less attention is paid to the political and social circumstances which influence public health. When Deborah Lupton wrote ‘The imperative of health’, there was indeed little attention paid to political and social circumstances regarding public health. I did some research and discovered there were very few scientific articles, media articles or newspaper articles about this subject at the time she wrote the article (1995). This confirms her statement that no attention was paid at this subject. I think that at that time people were not aware of the big impact that political and social circumstances have at public health and therefore it was not regarded as important. When I searched for scientific articles, media articles or newspaper articles about this subject published after 1995, I discovered a lot more attention was paid to this problem after 1995. That is why I think Deborah Lupton is one of the first persons who discovered that this problem occurred in public health. I found an article of A. McMichael written in the year 2000 which states that public health is dependent on globalisation and environmental change. He for example argues that ‘aspects of globalisation are jeopardising health by eroding social and environmental conditions and exacerbating the rich-poor gap.’(1). This corresponds to the assumption of...

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