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The Implementation Of E Business For Abmk Garage

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In the era of globalization, information and Communication Technology (ICT) becomes the most important resource to people in their daily living activities. This is because; ICT can make people find the information easier and faster. Nowadays, ICT becomes part of their daily life such as in doing their work, to communicate each other faster, disseminate information quicker and many more with just a one click.
Most of the company prefers using IT as a medium to expand and manage their business well because IT helps company to spread the information to other companies faster and in a shorter time. Besides that, it can make company easy to communicate with their partners and the company also can save a lot of times in terms of doing their business smoothly.
Some of the people who focus more on their career, they do not have time to make the payment such as utility bills, load payment, fund transfer, prepaid payment and others. Thus, they use IT as the advantage to make payments using the electronic business (e-business). Marketing by online nowadays also becomes a trend. This is because people are too lazy to go out and search the information even the information just only in front of their house. In this research, I would like to propose ABMK Garage a website. In this website there are a lot of features such as, e-mail list, sms list, latest news, latest promotion and others. (
This research is about marketing strategies for ABMK Garage. This research is about marketing strategies for ABMK Garage, this industry have potential to grown up and it will be better when it been mix up with the IT element. This research will see how the company like ABMK Garage will be rebranding with new website and a lot of marketing strategies features.
This is why as a student on Business Information Technology has proposed them these marketing strategies which is a website with full of element IT in their business. There is a lot of reason why proposed them to use the system because no matter what business it is, when the company have IT element, the market will be wider. This happen because, today almost every house or premises have the internet and with some promotion about the company website, the company will see how much feedback they get from it.
Beside that with these marketing strategies, the company can show good image even them in automotive industry. The other company will open their eyes and the corporate sector out there will have interesting to make an investment in this company. Then, the relationship between ABMK Garage, the supplier and customer will always keep in touch which is they can always update what is the latest product, latest organization, latest promotion and other features.
On other hand, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are the most important medium because it can expand the growth of Malaysia economy. Despite the benefits that online system can provide, we also need...



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